How Custom Medical Device Machinery Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Posted by John Appel on Thu, May 24, 2018


As a medical device manufacturer, you understand the importance of quality. You’re products have to meet strict quality regulations because they impact the end user’s wellbeing. Depending on your product, it could even save a person’s life. If your products don’t meet quality standards, they could lead to regulatory issues for your company or have an adverse health effect on patients.

Of course, you also have to meet profitability expectations. As important as quality is, you have to stay within budget so you have the margins and capital to continue production and fuel your company’s growth.

Your product’s packaging can impact both quality and profitability. The wrong packaging can create quality issues. Or it may lead to inflated labor or materials costs. While you may be inclined to choose the most affordable packaging available, it could be worth your time to explore all your options.

One option to consider is a customized packaging process. With a custom process, a packaging engineer designs a system specifically for your product. The packager may even custom build machinery to help you meet your unique needs and goals. Those machines could be installed in your facility or put to use on your behalf in the packager’s building.

At first glance, it may seem like a custom packaging process is an expensive option that will negatively impact your margins. However, the truth is that the custom process could actually boost your profitability in the long run. Below are three ways in which you could save money with custom packaging machinery:

1. Reduced labor

One of the most appealing aspects of custom machinery is that you can use it to leverage automation. Your packaging engineer can design a system that automates some or all of that packaging, which could reduce your per-piece packaging costs.

If you handle packaging in-house, the automated system could free up labor to work on more important items. That could boost your team’s productivity and your bottom line. Of course, a semi-automated or fully-automated system may require more upfront capital than a non-automated system. However, you could recoup that capital and more with labor savings over time.

A custom packaging engineer can help you find the right balance between capital investment and per-piece savings. They could even design a system that phases in automation over time so you’re not investing in a costly system all at once. The key is that the process is designed for you and is built to meet your needs and budget.

2. Fewer materials

Materials are one of the primary expenses when it comes to medical device packaging. When you purchase a standardized packaging solution, you’re somewhat beholden to whatever materials the packager is already using.

However, when you use a custom process, you and the packager can design a solution that uses the most affordable and highest-quality materials for your needs. For instance, your packager may design a package that reduces the need for dunnage. Or they could design a rotable, or returnable, package that eliminates waste and the need to repurchase new materials.

Again, the key is that the custom process is designed for you. Your packager can work with you to find the right materials for your quality expectations and your budget.

3. Improved quality

Cost and quality don’t have to be competitive outcomes. You can have high-quality packaging and a solution that fits in your budget. In fact, increased quality can save you money.

Your custom solution is likely to provide stronger, more protective packaging because it’s designed specifically for your needs. You can implement heightened custom quality assurance checks before your products are shipped. Your packager can even leverage technology, like GPS, to monitor package conditions while in-transit.

With improved quality, you’ll see fewer defects or returns. You won’t have to spend time and money reworking orders. You’ll have reduced regulatory issues and minimize your legal risk. Quality reduces expense in a variety of areas, and that leads to a more robust bottom line.

Your packaging is too important to accept a standardized, cookie-cutter solution. Explore custom packaging solutions to see how they may better fit your needs. You may find that a custom system is perfect for your quality and profit objectives. 


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