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Posted by John Appel on Wed, Sep 20, 2017

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How much does it cost?

For most of us, it’s the first question we ask every time we make a purchasing decision. Even in the most basic buying situations, like shopping for groceries, our eyes naturally drift to the price tag before we grab an item off the shelf. In other instances, like shopping for homes or cars, the cost isn’t as straightforward, but it’s one of our first questions.

However, cost isn’t always a straightforward issue, even in something as basic as buying groceries. The prices for groceries are usually easy to find. In most grocery stores you can grab a pound of ground beef straight from the refrigerated aisle and see the price clearly marked. If you purchase custom cut beef from the butcher, the price could depend on the specific cut, the weight, the fat content, current beef prices, and more.

Some items can be priced easily. Other items include too many factors to carry a standard, flat price. Packaging is no different. At Deufol, we hear from businesses every day who want to know our prices on various packaging solutions. Often, we can’t provide a quick quote or estimate in an initial conversation. Below are some common questions and answers our pricing structure and how our approach could be the right one to help you hit your packaging objectives.

1. How much does your packaging cost?

Much like the butcher in the earlier example, our packaging prices depend on many different factors. We are a custom packager. That means we design and produce packaging for the unique needs and goals of our customers. We don’t carry stock packaging or generic products available for off-the-shelf purchase.

We don’t produce generic packaging or keep an
inventory of off-the-shelf products — it's all custom.

Before we can provide a price quote, we like to obtain as much information as possible about your project. What type of packaging do you want? What products will be contained inside the packaging? What are the quality considerations? How much packaging do you need and how fast do you need it? These questions and much more help us develop a custom price estimate for your specific needs.

2. Other packagers have standard costs. Why doesn’t Deufol?

There are some packagers who carry standard, off-the-shelf packaging. For instance, they may make clamshell packaging in a few different sizes and then make those packages available for purchase. Since they keep the packaging in stock, they’re able to quote a flat price.

Again, we don’t produce generic packaging or keep an inventory of off-the-shelf products. Every product and customer has a unique set of goals and needs. We prefer to analyze your entire project so we can deliver a solution that optimizes your efficiency and margins, while minimizing risk and quality issues.

3. What does Deufol consider when determining the cost?

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Our price estimates are based on each individual project. However, there are a few things we always consider when developing a quote:

  • What type of package is needed and what materials will we use?
  • What is the expected quantity?
  • How soon is the packaging needed and will there be ongoing production?
  • Do we need to build any custom equipment to achieve the end goal?
  • Are there any special risk considerations that require advanced protective steps?
  • Will we be producing prototypes or other test materials?
  • Will we be producing the packaging in our facility? Or are we installing production equipment in your building?

This is just a sampling of questions that we ask as we review each project. Our process usually starts with an extensive conversation so we can better understand your needs and goals.

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4. What should I think about when evaluating packaging proposals?

It’s natural to look for the lowest-possible cost in any purchase decision. However, anyone who has purchased a home, car, or other big-ticket item knows from experience that the lowest cost doesn’t always lead to the best outcome.

Cost is an important consideration, but it should not be the only one. Here are a few other things you may want to think about as you review proposals from packaging companies:

  • Quality protection. Quality should be the primary objective in any packaging solution. If a package can’t protect your product’s quality, it’s failed at its most basic task. Think about how a proposed solution will protect your quality. Does it minimize your most catastrophic risks? If there is a defect, what safeguards are in place to minimize your liability?
  • Scalability. Your goal may be to grow your business and your volume quickly. How will the packaging process change if your volume increases? Can the packager scale with you and keep up with your increased production? Will an increase in volume affect quality or deliverability? How does a volume increase impact your per-unit costs?
  • Flexibility. One of the challenges with off-the-shelf packaging is that it isn’t made for your specific needs. What happens if the shape or size of your product changes in the future and you need different packaging? What if one of your customers wants their orders packaged in a unique way? What if you want to temporarily use different packaging for marketing purposes? Look for a packager who can quickly respond to these possibilities and work with you to meet your changing objectives.

5. How do I get a cost estimate from Deufol?

Getting a price estimate from Deufol is simple. It all starts with a conversation. Our packaging consultants are always happy to discuss your project with you at no cost and with no ongoing commitment on your part.

Simply fill out our contact us form and a consultant will be in contact with you soon. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your packaging needs and goals, and we look forward to helping you boost your quality, efficiency, and profitability. Deufol_Logo_opt.png

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