Onsite Logistics 101: How to Eliminate Chaos on Your Project Site ❌

Posted by John Appel on Fri, Jul 21, 2017


A work site for an industrial project or construction project always has a natural element of chaos. There could be dozens or even hundreds of workers representing various employers, vendors, and other third parties. The site may have a wide range of different tasks happening simultaneously. And you may have parts and materials shipments arriving from vendors around the clock.

The key to any large-scale project is to minimize the chaos and try to instill some level of order. A chaotic worksite is one that lacks transparency. It can be hard to gauge results, outcomes, and efficiency without a disciplined process in place. Without transparency, how can you ever know whether you’re on pace to finish on-track and under budget?

We utilize software and barcode labels to scan each container and item. That makes the item trackable in your system so you can easily see how items are processed and where they are delivered.

The good news is there are strategies you can implement to streamline worksite tasks and minimize chaos. One such solution is onsite logistics, a unique service offered by Deufol. Onsite logistics simplifies the flow of materials and parts into your worksite. It reduces waste and inefficiency and provides transparency.

Few companies offer onsite logistics services, so you may not be fully familiar with how it works or how it can benefit your project. Below are a few common questions and answers about onsite logistics. If you have a large-scale project underway or on the horizon, onsite logistics could make all the difference between success and failure.


What is onsite logistics?


Simply put, onsite logistics is a service that manages in the inflow of the parts and materials on your worksite. You may have thousands of parts coming in on a regular basis from dozens of different vendors. At the same time, you may have workers and contractors onsite digging through your shipments to find the parts they need for their next task.

organized warehosueThis type of material flow is a recipe for chaos. Workers grab the wrong parts and don’t realize it until later. Others may know they need a certain part or material, but don’t know exactly where to find the item or which container to open.

Onsite logistics provides an organized system for processing inbound shipments and directing the supplies to their final destination. Our team works on your site and checks in all containers as they arrive. We utilize software and barcode labels to scan each container and item. That makes the item trackable in your system so you can easily see how items are processed and where they are delivered.

We then implement a process for delivering parts directly to the end user. For instance, we may unpack parts and then repack them in bundles so workers receive everything they need to complete a task. We could set up a belt system to quickly distribute parts throughout the facility or worksite. The nature of the distribution system heavily depends on your unique needs.


What are the benefits of onsite logistics?


Onsite logistics offers a few key benefits. The first is transparency. We leverage software and technology to track the flow of materials in real-time. That means you can see when supplies arrive at your worksite, when they are unpacked, and when they are distributed to your team. You can use that information to reduce wasted time and boost efficiency.

packaging process

Onsite logistics also lets your workers focus on their core tasks. Many of your team members may be specialists contracted for that specific project. You hired them to do one specific job, not walk around the worksite looking for parts and materials. With onsite logistics, the parts and materials are delivered directly to your workers so they can stay at their work site and focus on the task at hand.


How do I find an onsite logistics partner?


If you think onsite logistics can help you stay on budget and on schedule, your next step may be to find a potential provider. That could be difficult. This service was born from a need we noticed with our existing customers. There aren’t many companies that offer similar services.

If you’d like to learn more, contact us to speak with one of our onsite logistics consultants. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and goals and determine whether onsite logistics would be beneficial for you. Let’s connect and start the conversation. Deufol_Logo_opt.png

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