How Tech Savvy Is Your Industrial Packaging Partner?

Posted by John Appel on Wed, Apr 20, 2016


Technology is changing the industrial world right before our eyes. New forms of automation and distribution are allowing us to work more efficiently than ever. Advances in software give us more transparency into our processes than we’ve ever had before. If you’re in an industrial business, you probably see the evolution of technology on a daily basis.

Advances in technology aren’t just limited to production, though. The packaging industry has also benefited from new software and other technological capabilities in recent years. The leading industrial packagers have embraced new technology because they know it improves their effectiveness and helps them better serve their customers.

Many industrial packaging companies talk about their technological solutions. However, if you’re looking for a new packaging partner, how do you know which solutions will benefit you the most? Which solutions will have the biggest impact on your business?

Below are four technological solutions that an industrial packaging partner can use to ensure timely delivery, protect your product’s quality, and provide complete transparency into the packaging process. Considering a new industrial packaging partner? Look for these technological solutions.


Parts tracking

barcodeMany industrial packaging companies don’t just crate your product; they also handle distribution and even material flow. They can package your product and deliver it straight to your customer. Similarly, they might package parts from your vendors and make sure they’re delivered to the correct station in your facility.

When a packaging partner has their hands in so much of your process, it’s important that they also offer you complete visibility into the work that they’re doing. Where are parts or products in the process? When were they crated? When were they delivered?

The best packaging companies offer software solutions that integrate directly with your own business software. They will then scan parts and materials as they move through the process, as they are crated, and when they are delivered. You see those updates in real time in your system, so there is never any mystery about where your products are in the process.


Imaging software

You’ve probably experienced this. You ship a number of parts and materials to another location. Everything is verified on the packaging documents and all the parts have been scanned into the system.

But when the crates arrive at their final destination, there’s a problem. Some parts were put in the wrong crates and subsequently ended up delivered to the wrong location. Now you either have to track down the correct parts or send a duplicate shipment.

Experienced industrial packagers mitigate this risk by using imaging software that can take pictures of parts, materials, and packages throughout the packaging process. Every time the item is scanned, a photo is also taken. That photo is loaded into the system so you can view it in real time.

That gives your packaging partner and you the ability to see which items are being packed into which crates. If a mixup or error happens, your packaging partner can correct the issue before it has more substantial consequences.


Package design software

industrial_packaging-1Many industrial packagers simply build a wooden crate to hold your product or materials. That may be sufficient for some items. However, what if your product has to meet very strict and specific quality requirements? What if your product is too large for wood crating? What if your product is vulnerable to moisture or other elements?

Often, industrial companies aren’t fully aware of the threats their package could face while in transit. That’s why it’s helpful to work with an industrial packager who uses comprehensive design software to identify all possible risks and develop a custom packaging solution.

Some packaging companies have engineers in-house and CAD software specifically for designing custom industrial packaging solutions. When you work with a packager who leverages that technology, you can rest assured that your quality will be protected.


GPS capabilities

How often do your customers contact you with questions about when the product will be delivered? Or how frequently do you want to check in with your vendors to see where your materials are in the process?

The best industrial packaging partners give you the ability to answer those questions with just a few clicks by offering GPS tracking software. Your crates and other packages are packed with GPS technology, which instantly connects with your internal software. Wondering whether your shipment will reach the customer in time? You can get the answer when you work with a packaging partner who leverages GPS capabilities.

Before you choose your next industrial packaging partner, take some time to research their technological capabilities. Have they invested into new technology to make themselves more efficient and effective? If not, they may not be the right packaging partner for you.

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