Our industrial packaging hub in the center of the breakbulk terminal of Antwerp

Our ideally connected, multifunctional HUB optimizes your supply chain on water, rail and road.

DEUFOL-Transportpaletten am Standort Antwerpen

Your HUB solution in Antwerp

Do you have to deal with various impairments of your suppliers in the port of Antwerp? With several suppliers, fast processing cannot be guaranteed. But with the DEUFOL HUB in the Port of Antwerp, unnecessary transports are a problem of the past. Located directly in the center of the breakbulk terminal, our site ensures that there are no more delays in the process and guarantees direct shipments.

The logistics hub for export & packaging

Do you need support with the packaging of oversized goods? As a specialist in export packaging for industrial goods, it is no problem for DEUFOL to handle even large shipments from our Antwerp location. Our mobile packaging team can easily come to any port terminal and provide you with the appropriate packaging process, no matter how large or heavy your goods are.

DEUFOL-Exportverpackungen am Standort Antwerpen

Our services in the port of Antwerp


For your industrial goods, we offer safe and custom-fit packaging solutions.


We ensure optimal stowage of your containers by selecting the right containers and planning the ideal distribution of weights.


Our warehouse management guarantees perfect control and flexibility for your goods.


Our DEUFOL HUBs eliminate redundant logistics processes, reducing resources and energy consumption throughout the process.


Also in Antwerp, our D-SCS ensures fullest digitalization and transparency in your supply chain.

Your contact in Antwerpen


Ralph Mertens

Business Development Manager

Our outstanding network of global HUB solutions

With our global HUB locations, we are continuously available to provide the right services to our customers from a wide range of industries. Whether you are looking for the right industrial packaging, professional solutions for your containers, or storage space for your goods, our tactically intelligent HUBS are equipped with everything to support you with your challenges.

Our DEUFOL HUBs in Europe