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Compliance at Deufol.

In addition to legislation and regulations, the Deufol Group is committed to a set of voluntary guidelines. This includes all measures that ensure compliance across the Group. Our compliance activities are designed to ensure that everything we do satisfies social and ethical standards.

The Deufol Group compliance programme is an integral part of our management structure and encompasses all areas of the company. Designed to dovetail with our risk management strategy, it undergoes continuous improvement. The implementation of the compliance programme is overseen by the compliance officer, who assists the Executive Board, which is responsible for adherence to regulations and guidelines. At Deufol Group we attach special importance to compliance in our operational processes, to maintain high standards of safety and quality for both our employees and our customers. For this reason, our compliance activities focus on quality assurance and certification processes.

The Executive Board keeps the Supervisory Board regularly informed about all compliance issues of relevance to the company.