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Code of Conduct


  • Observation of applicable Law

Adhering to all valid laws and legal regulations within the company serves as a guideline for responsible actions and behavior to us and our employees.

  • Corruption

We reject corruption of any kind.

  • Conflict of Interests

Conflicts between private interests (direct, indirect or through related parties or companies) and company interests must be avoided. The usage of corporate resources for illegal purposes or for purposes that are not in accordance with regulations is absolutely not allowed.

  • Act according to healthy Business Interests

Every employee acts in the healthy business interests of the company. This includes e.g.:

▪ only to enter into business, which is in the commercial interest of the company
▪ to deal with corporate funds respectfully and cautiously
▪ to serve and bill customers fully and timely in accordance with contracts and customer orders
▪ adherence to the 4 eye principle
▪ adherence to approval regulations according to status and corporate regulations

  • Customer Relations

We strive for long term partnerships with our customers. In accordance with our values, we are committed to strive for effective and sustainable solutions for our customers.

  • Supplier Relations

We strive for partnerships with our suppliers based on honesty, trust and commitment. We expect of our suppliers that these act in accordance with the values and behaviour set out in this codex.

  • Fair Working Conditions

Deufol Employees worldwide should work under fair and acceptable working conditions. We reject any form of employee discrimination.

  • Safety and Health

Safety and health of our employees have highest priority. We respect the highest (certified) work safety standards and expect our employees to be trained accordingly.

  • Data Privacy

We protect the personal data of our customers and employees by adhering to the applicable laws and regulations and expect the same adherence of our partners and employees.

  • Environmental Protection

We are committed to preservation of our environment by the choice of materials und the way we treat resources.

  • Fair Interaction and Competition

We practice fair interaction and competition and expect the same of our customers and suppliers.

This codex serves as an orientation and guideline for our behavior and is compulsory for employees and managers.