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International Management Team

Deufol's International Management Team, the World Board, supports the SE Board of Directors in steering and coordinating
group-wide strategies, best practice sharing and business development.
Ibrahim Alkadari
Head of Operations, Germany
Klaus Duttiné
Ressorts: Finance, Legal & Compliance, Property & Administration, Investor Relations & Communications, Human Resources, Purchasing
Angelika Fischer
Finance Director, Italy
Frank Ghesquiere
Dennis Hübner
Ressorts: Production, IT-Services, Box Engineering, Project Management, Operational Excellence, Compliance & Quality
Operations: Rest of World
Detlef W. Hübner
Responsibilitie: Strategy
Marc Hübner
Head of Business Development, Germany
Ron MacDougall
North America
Bill Morgan
North America
Alessandro Olivieri
Italy, France
Jürgen Schmid

Ressorts: Business Development
South Germany and Eastern Europe

Ronald Schrooten