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Who are we?

We respect each other and effectively resolve problems.
At the Deufol Group, we believe in mutual respect. We value the input of each and every employee in the shared effort to provide high-quality services to our customers. We believe in clear communication and we bring on board as partners the people who can help us find solutions to problems.

We listen and openly communicate.
At Deufol, we believe in teamwork. In order to succeed as a team, we listen to each other and give our colleagues and managers honest feedback. This is how we continually develop and improve – which ultimately benefits our customers. Where there is room for improvement we take active steps, and we provide each other with mutual support when unexpected problems crop up. We see feedback as an opportunity for improvement.

We all accept responsibility for Deufol and its success.
As employees, we see the big picture. We work proactively to help our customers succeed, with a focus on quality and customer service. As managers, we encourage our team members to take on responsibility and treat them as equals. We value people who are willing to share responsibility and take the business forward together.