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Annual General Meeting July 2, 2013

Invitation to the 2013 Annual Shareholders Meeting Download (PDF 59 KB)
Additional Information on Shareholder Rights pursuant to Section 121 para. 3 no. 3 German Stock Corporation Act rights Download (PDF 60 KB)
Authorization form (German only) Download (PDF 14 KB)
Details concering the proxy representative (German only) Download (PDF 52 KB)
Cancellation of the authorization (German only) Download (PDF 17 KB)
Rules of Procedure for the AGM Download (PDF 37 KB)
Annual Report 2012 Download (PDF 4 MB)
Financial statements of Deufol SE for the financial year 2012 (German only) Download (PDF 971 KB)
Articles of incorporation Deufol SE Download (PDF 66 KB)
Voting Results Download (PDF 37 KB)
Speech of Dr. Tillmann Blaschke (german only) Download (PDF 61 KB)
Presentation of Dr. Tillmann Blaschke (german only) Download (PDF 204 KB)