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Why our experience benefits your business.

Your product is your most important asset. And one of the things that sell a product is the packaging. Our unique range of services encompasses all aspects of the packaging process, including pre- and post-packaging. We design and manufacture intelligent, innovative packaging solutions that are tailored to your requirements. We can package anything – from the tiniest hearing aids to complete industrial plants. And we will meet any requirements, from elegant design to packaging suitable for sea freight. We can even implement warehouse management systems and pack-on-demand solutions. Whatever the task, we always adhere strictly to the customer’s specifications. We are also familiar with all the relevant national and international standards and guidelines.
But that’s just a small selection of our comprehensive range of services. As a global premium service provider with many years of experience in all industries – with a special focus on the automotive industry and consumer and industrial goods – whatever your requirements, we can develop a made-to-measure solution. So you get exactly what you and your product need.

Automated Packaging

Packaging of consumer goods on high-speed automated systems, including packaging production.
> more

Promotional & Display Packaging

Production of promotional packaging and displays for attractive presentation at the point of sale. > more

Export & Industrial Packaging

Made-to-order and series-produced industrial goods packaging for road, rail, sea and air transport and storage. > more

Data Packaging

Multipacks for 2 to 8 gift cards, including a sophisticated solution for automated card activation with a single swipe at the till scanner. > more

Supplementary Services

Supporting services from documentation and customs handling to secondary packaging, tracking and labelling. > more