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The ideal combination of intelligence and performance.

Our intelligent and efficient warehouse management system is based on fully automated subsystems that can be used individually or combined depending on your business requirements. The processes covered range from automatic loading and unloading of lorries (which can be linked directly to production) and automatic in-house transport on conveyor belts and shuttles to automatic to-bin and from-bin transfer using forklifts and high-bay cranes. The ultra-modern computer-controlled lifting and conveying machines are so efficient, it’s as if they think for themselves.

The IT-supported track-and-trace control system coordinates all activities and movements, from the receipt of goods to storage and dispatch. The system also provides constant real-time monitoring of throughput and capacity utilisation. As well as interfacing with customer ERP systems and SAP, it features EDI interfaces to shippers and KPI documentation for your quality control purposes. In short, it’s a new dimension in efficiency and transparency.