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Why use one card when you can have up to 8?

Our Data Packaging service offers innovative solutions that combine our strengths and competencies in automated or semi-automated packaging with our expertise in efficient data processing and data management.

Gift card multipacks give you a decisive edge, because by combining up to eight cards in a single pack you can offer special promotions while attracting new customers. The cards don’t have to be activated individually at the till; a single swipe is all that’s needed to activate all the cards in the pack.

This solution places tough demands on the IT system. Our automated or semi-automated packaging system provides complete automatic barcode recording for each individual card. During the packing process they are assigned to the parent code printed on the back of the multipack. If required they can also be assigned to individual displays or points of sale. In this way we build up a database offering complete traceability of individual cards and multipacks – a valuable source of information for detailed sales and performance analysis. The personalization of the cards can be done in a variety of ways, from simple barcode printing to magnetic stripes to scratch-off panels.

Deufol’s flexible service structure is especially noticeable with Data Packaging. Design, personalization, affixing (single cards to a holder), multipacks (with up to eight cards), or specialty packs (promotional item enclosed with the card pack) – in addition to the comprehensive process, we also offer each individual service component separately.

As a “first mover” in this area, we are extending our lead by continually expanding services related to our core competency, packaging and data processing.