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All the information you need.

With the VV software developed by Deufol, you always know exactly what’s going on. It allows you to monitor all the information relating to a delivery, from the parts to be delivered by the customer or the customer’s partners to the boxes to be dispatched for a customer project.

The barcodes on the parts and transport boxes are scanned to provide continuous status tracking, from the arrival of the parts to the confirmation at their destination. This means you always know exactly which parts were packed when, in which boxes, and which project the boxes belong to. The VV software also archives all receipts and transport documents, providing intelligent assistance with archiving, documentation and auditing.

VV is open software and can be upgraded at any time with various add-on interfaces, including an SAP interface, depending on your individual requirements. With Deufol’s innovative software, you always know exactly what is going on at every stage of the process.