1st Piece Approval Procedure

Dimensional, visual and structural verification process for all new products and tooling.

3D Solid Modeling CAD Design

Complex design of components, tooling, and equipment using Three Dimensional Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.

3PL Warehouse Services

Third party logistics. A 3PL is a company that solely receives, holds, or otherwise transports a consumer product but does not take title to the product. Deufol provides warehousing at all of our US locations and can either take title to the product, or not. All locations have docks, loading and unloading as well as picking, packing services. Cloud based warehouse management system is available so you always know where your product is during warehousing and distribution.

Aerospace Components

Material science used for aerospace packaging applications.


American National Standards Institute (ANSI), is a representative to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Accreditation Forum (IAF).


We assemble your items per your specifications. Using the resources of our engineering group we also are looking for potential improvements to enhance your product needs. Our engineers will create a custom automation solution for manufacturing for most products.

Assembly & Disassembly Manuals

Deufol will provide both assembly and disassembly manuals generated specifically for your particular applications. These manuals are detailed instructions for these processes.

Assembly & Kitting

When you need to outsource product packaging, we can make and assemble the items. As a custom packaging manufacturer we can create automated production lines to pack many items together with efficiency eliminating the manual manufacturing of kits and components.


ASTM is the governing body that establishes and maintains all testing criteria for most materials and manufacturing processes.

Automated Error Proofing

Building automated solutions to stop defects from being passed on to the end user.

Automated Packaging

Automated packaging refers to the mechanical and electronic systems used for the large-scale manufacture of diverse types of packaging solutions.

Automated Poka Yoke

A mistake proofing device that is used in our processes to avoid any nonconformance in our processes.


Machines or robots that sort, build, move and pack packages at a high speed. Increase your packaging speed, quality and efficiency by having us create an automated packaging process for you. We can make and pack clamshell packaging and blister packaging. Deufol also does contract packaging manufacturing.

Automotive PPAP's

An IATF - 16949 requirement to fully analyze a process and product to avoid producing and/or shipping defective product to the customer. Used at the beginning of the life cycle or after design changes occur; a PPAP uses tools such as control plans, FMEA's, Inspection standards, Gage R&R's to establish that the process is robust and to identify potential weaknesses in the process that may require attention

Automotive Thermoforming Applications

Scientifically formulated plastics can be thermoformed to create sturdy automotive pieces at Deufol.

Blister Card

Typical blister packs have marketing cards that are printed with 4 colors, which is standard. More colors can be used on the blister card packaging when needed.

Blister Design

The 3 dimensional design of the actual component that will capture the customer product. Deufol Engineers use CAD software for blister packaging design, as well as custom clamshells.

Blister Packaging

The key features of blister packaging are the visibility, protection and longevity it provides.

Blister Packs

The assembly of the blister cards, blisters and customer product in its finished state. A clear plastic shell that is bonded to or trapped between two blister cards. Bonding takes place with heat (temperature), pressure, and dwell (how long the pressure is applied).

Break Bulk

Items that will not fit into a normal shipping container must ship in a special crate in the break bulk area on the ship. This type of custom crating may need CAD, customer design, quality inspections, desiccants, and special lifting onto the ship; may need a dredge.


Putting items together with banding, shrink wrap or thermoforming.


Computer-Aided Design. Software technology used by our engineers to design and document custom thermoform packages. We use 3D Solid Modeling CAD Design software.

Capability Studies Analysis

An analysis using graphs and statistics, which is part of Six Sigma, to assess your processes and compare it to your performance. Controlled Studies using statically analysis to show process stability over time

Card Personalization

Card personalization refers to the various options available to manufacturers and retailers to set their gift and prepaid card products apart from the rest of the market.


Two rigid plastic packaging sides fully encased with a hinge and can be automatically or manually sealed together to enclose item(s). A specific type of packaging blister used to trap the customer components between to similar sides. The use of a living hinge and snap features allows both sides of the blister to interlock to make one blister pack.

Clamshell Packaging

Hinged package with a snap closure. Can be sealed together manually or automatically. The process of using a clamshell blister to trap the customer product between to similar sides into one pack.

CNC Machining

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is process that allows complex geometric features to be manufactured directly from a computer aided design (CAD) software.

CNC Programming

CNC programming can be completed manually or with computer assist driven by the CAD design.

Complex Packaging

Deufol designs and creates the custom packaging you need, whether it is returnable or non-returnable packaging. Our motto is "Tough Packs Solved."


We can start with a brief phone discussion listening to your issue or packaging need, and provide advice from the understanding. The next step would be formal consulting at your location after an agreed upon action plan.

Consumer Goods Packaging

Consumer goods packaging is packaging designed for use in a retail environment. The constantly shifting demands of modern consumer societies have turned consumer goods packaging into an extremely diverse.


A large standard shipping box used to send a large amount of items by ship or train.

Container Freight

After Deufol skillfully blocks and braces your export cargo containers, we can also take care of transportation to the port. Transportation service for your export containers is coordinated with our partner companies for a stress free process for you. Photo documentation and tracking software is available for quick and easy real time tracking.

Container Loading

Deufol will block and brack your export carto into shipping containers too prevent damage of your goods. Photo documentation and tracking software is available for quick and easy real time tracking. We can pack your export cargo at one of our facilities or at yours.

Contract Manufacturing

Manufacturing of an actual package or product. Deufol creates the design for manufacturing and then sets up production to produce it for you.

Contract Packaging

A service of secondary packaging, bundling, kitting, display builds, and pallet builds that can all be done at our Sunman, Indiana location.

Contract Warehousing

Based on contract details and agreements, services include receiving, warehouse storage and shipping arrangements based on the agreed upon timeframe.


Co-packing refers to contract packaging, whereby the contract packager offers to provide a customized packaging service to its clients.

Cost Benefit Analysis

The evaluation of cost benefit for enhancing a component or manufacturing process.

CpK - Process Capability

The measurement index used to determine the repeatability of a process. Normally generated during a process capability study

Crate Delivery Service

Custom crates built from your specifications, and delivered to your locations.

Crate Design

Engineering uses CAD to design custom crates from wood or metal.


Service for building custom containers from wood or metal, built in-house or on location, per customer specific needs.

Custom Automation

Deufol creates custom automation for manufacturing companies that want a partner to rely on for next level packaging.

Custom Crating Design

According to your specific needs and the specs of your product, our engineers design a custom crate to protect your cargo during shipping and during storage .

Custom Designed Packaging Lines

From manual lines to fully automated lines, Deufol can create packaging lines for your specific needs. Deufol provides blister packaging services and clamshell packaging services. Each packaging line is timed and tested for efficiencies and quality tested.

Custom Engineering Solutions

Solutions based on a vast level of engineering skill sets to meet all customer needs.

Custom line production

An efficiently set up and timed production process is designed with your specific quality requirements in mind.

Custom Returnable Container Design

Packaging specifically designed to be returned to the customer and reused in multiple shipments.

Custom Thermoform Prototyping

Capability to design and produce prototype tooling and thermoformed components for conceptual or low volume requirements.


In a globalized industrial context characterized by constant innovation and increasing specialization, customization is key to ensuring not only the survival, but also the success of a product and its brand.

Customized Packaging

Capability to design and produce packaging for a customer that is not standard or available from "off the shelf" sources. Customized packaging deals with the challenges posed by the specialized packaging needs of certain products.

Cutting Die

Die cutting is the process of cutting all non-molded geometry on a thermoformed parts. This is usually out outside of the part or possibly holes that may need pierced in the part.

Date-Item Coding

The process of using dates for product traceability on manufactured product


Moisture removing bag.

Design Engineer

Engineers with specific skills directly related to design and the function of the design.

Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis (DFMEA)

Identifying all possible failures of a design and the effects is an analysis provided by our engineers to assure all angles have been considered before production.

Design for Manufacturing

The process of designing products or machine components that allow the manufacturer to minimize costs by not having to use specialized tooling or high precision processes.

Die Cut

Process of cutting the shape out of the plastic. Most common die cut uses steel rule dies.

Display Packaging

Display packaging combines the strengths and characteristics of secondary and promotional packaging to maximize the visibility and accessibility of a product in a retail environment.


Central location warehouse to ship fulfillment of warehoused and packed items to customers when ordered.


Angle from perpendicular needed to remove plastic part from the mold.


Depth dimension from top to bottom. Also known as the height of a product.


Short haul transportation/ not to shipping destination. Moving with a police escort from place to place.


Powerful machine for pulling up or removing earth, as from the bottom of the ocean or a river.


Material placed with a product into a box or crate in order to prevent the item from moving or being damaged during shipping. Dunnage comes in various forms such as thermoform trays and air filled bags.

Electrical Engineering

Engineering discipline specific to most electrical circuitry and plc (program logic computer) programming that we use when creating custom machinery or automation.

End to End Industrial Packaging

Send us your product in bulk. We will warehouse it, and repackage it into different packaging sizes and packs according to your current needs. We unpack and then re-pack to the quantity your customer requires; even on short notice. Each package can then be loaded into a display and sent out to your vendors directly, or to your distribution center.

Energy Production Packaging

Packaging very large generators for the ultimate protection of your investment is what we do. Special custom, shock resistant, moisture barrier crating, as well as considering the g-force while transporting, are all necessary to secure power generators. The specialized crate can be monitored from the beginning of the transfer until it is delivered, through your computer system, or ours, at all times. Once delivered, the generator can be stored in the water/ humidity resistant protective crate until the end user is ready to install it. We can design and build your crates, and also store them here until you are ready for delivery.

Engineering Package Consultation

Deufol engineers provide solutions for tough packaging issues. From packaging process design, to packaging design, production line design, as well as manufacturing equipment programming , equipment diagnostics and process mapping.

Engineering Services

Our team of engineers take your idea from conceptual design, to the delivery of the product packaged for customized packaging.

Equipment Commissioning and Validation

The process of proving capability of all new equipment and tooling.

Equipment Design of Experiment's (DOE's)

The process of identifying all variables of a process and conducting defined studies to develop the process parameters in a controlled environment. DOE's are also used to trouble shoot a process in the event of an issue with fit, form, function or quality or a component

Equipment Guarding Installation

Our Engineering team can design, fabricate and install custom machine guards to help prevent risk when using equipment.

Equipment Validation

Documented records for our qualification process according to the compliance regulations.

Ergonomic Evaluation

We assess manufacturing areas for a safe worksite, and routines that could impact the risk for injury among employees.


Package and paperwork completed before sending overseas. Our shipping department is up to date on export regulations so you do not have to take on that responsibility.

Export Packaging

Export packaging refers to the materials and processes designed to guarantee the integrity of both a product and its brand.

Fabrication Custom Fixtures

Fabrication is the process of manufacturing tubing and sheet metal components to customer specifications

Fabrication Custom Frames

The process of building, to specific customer standards, frames or containers that are not available "off the shelf."

Fabrication Custom Processing Aids

The process of building, to specific customer standards, tooling that aids in the manufacture of the product.

Fabrication Custom Racking

The process of building, to specific customer standards, frames or containers that are not available "off the shelf."

Fabrication Custom returnable carts

The process of building, to specific customer standards conveyances that are not available "off the shelf."

Fabrication Custom Workbench

The process of building, to specific customer standards, workstations that allow for better ergonomics and higher productivity that are not "off the shelf."

Face Seal

Where the blister is sealed directly to the front of a blister card

Facility and Production Equipment Layouts

The process of creating a 2 dimensional electronic recreation of a physical facility with the equipment, building structure, building internal structures, and office areas.

Finite Element Analysis

"The finite element method (FEM) is a numerical method for solving problems of engineering and mathematical physics. " Wikipedia

Foamed PETG

Plastic compound that can be sterilized.

Free Consultation

A brief phone discussion listening to the issue or packaging need, and providing advice from the understanding.

Freight on Board (F.O.B.)

The customer takes responsibility of the product and the freight once it leaves our docks.


Deufol currently has fulfillment services that respond to customer orders.

Gap Analysis

Comparing actual performance to projected or potential performance.

Global Pack Center

Deufol has 90 global locations that offer industrial packaging. Our contract packaging and Thermoforming services are at our Sunman Indiana location.

Global Services

Deufol has 90 locations throughout the world to service your needs, and we are still growing. An advantage we have is that have packaging engineers- many packaging companies do not.

Hand packing

Display business often requires packing by hand. One time pack is available. We can hand pack, or set up automation, or anything in between.

Hang hole

A hole placed strategically in packaging so the product/package can be displayed by hanging from pegs in a retail environment.


The Term used to designate hazardous material

Heavy Lift

Equipment capable of lifting heavy payloads. Heavy lift equipment is available at most Deufol sites.

House of Lean

A representation of the different aspects of lean that is based on hierarchy of lean topics such as 5S, Poka Yoke, SMED.


Manage all of your vendors in one place. We receive the parts, check for damages, store them, and when needed, we kit them and send them to your location in time for assembly.


We can accept your import shipment and warehouse it until we receive an order to package, and then ship to your customer.

In House Outsourcing

We go to your location to package or crate items. Protected by copyright.

Industrial Engineer

Map processes; identify any waste and best practices.

Industrial Packaging

The process of packaging for transportation of equipment, machines and components. Protecting manufactured products for transportation to another location. There are many variables to consider in industrial packaging. The main variables are: design, dunnage, crate building, temperature control, humidity control, and g-force.

Industrial Relocation

The process of relocating equipment, machines and components from one facility to another. Deufol teams can pack up your old industrial facility, provide complete transparency during the move, and then unpack and reassemble the new facility to mirror the old facility, down to the stapler on your work desk.

In-line versus Off-line

In-line process is completed on a packaging line / machine. Off-line is a manual process not on a packaging line / machine.

Innovative Packaging

We find solutions for your toughest packaging challenges that includes large scale energy companies, medical, consumer, and automotive.


Paper or board that usually contains product information and is found inside the package.

International Standards

We follow the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) guidelines that is backed by the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

International Warehousing

Deufol has 90 locations in 11 countries. All locations have warehousing space of various sizes.

Inventive packaging

Deufol team members create new packaging to solve your toughest packaging issues/ challenges after we fully understand your needs and objectives. Our engineering and design services are up to the toughest challenges to ensure your packaging needs are met.

ISPM-15 Packaging

Military wood compliance packaging standard. We are certified in ISPM 15. We have our own heat treat stamps.


Breaking large packages of components into smaller packages at the customer specified counts.

Label Error Proofing

The ability to scan and verify that the correct label is applied to the carton


Labeling is custom to your specifications and graphic design.

Large Scale Packaging

Our contract packaging capacity is over 200 million packs annually which can provide service between semi-automated and automated solutions.

Lean Implementation

The manufacturing systematic method of eliminating waste is "lean manufacturing" which is how Deufol operates on a daily basis.

Lean Six Sigma

A method of teamwork to improve collaboration, performance and eliminate waste. To eliminate "downtime" we practice lean Six Sigma.

Logistics Service

Deufol offers services to manage the flow of the entire engineering packaging solutions, storage, shipping and receiving processes for your items.

Machine Packaging

Automatic and semi- automatic packaging machines are built to suit your needs, according to your specs and budget.


Custom production tooling machining is done after the design engineer develops the package design.

Manufacturing Equipment Programming

The capability to code or program equipment using various coding languages to have the equipment follow a specific sequence of operations.

Manufacturing Equipment Refurbish

Rebuilding or retrofitting equipment to exceed the manufacturers specifications

Manufacturing Fabrication Processing Aids

The practice of building support applications line fixtures, tooling, templates and other manufacturing aids to the customer specifications.

Mechanical & Electrical Applications

AutoCAD software applications.

Mechanical Engineer

Provides custom design work. Our mechanical engineers provide custom engineering solutions for your packaging.

Medical Device Thermoforming

Thermoforming geared to meet the needs of the medical device industry

Military Kitting

We have qualified and trained personnel that are familiar with the kitting processes and procedures as documented by the government.

Military Labels

We provide all mil standard 129 markings as required under this specification for your parts, packaging and shipping needs.

Military Logistics

Planning and carrying out the movement and maintenance. The operations that deal with design, development, acquisition, storage, distribution, maintenance, evacuation, and disposition of material.

Military Packaging

Specified preservation and packing of an item to ensure it is not damaged or degraded during shipment and storage.

Military Packaging Codes

Military standard packaging codes are located under table J in MIL-STD-2073.

Military Packaging Companies

Does your contract require compliance to the MILSTD-2073 or to the ASTM D 3951?

Military Packaging Training

Our SME have gone through DLA Land and Maritime TKO (training, knowledge, opportunities) seminars that include Military Packaging and contract requirements.

Military Packaging Standards

We are thoroughly knowledgeable of all military packaging standards.

Military Service Support

The DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) staff provides us support and information as needed.

Military Standard 129 Interpretation

Our military group understands the importance of maintaining uniformity, and also understands the contract requirements when labeling supplies that are transported.

Military Standard 2073 Consultant

We are consultants for various contractors helping develop special packaging instructions to assure the package is safely transported.

Military Standard 2073 Interpretation

Our SME understand contractual requirements and follows uniform specification standards as called out individually in each contract for packaging of military parts.

Military Standard 2073 Packaging

We have qualified, trained personnel that handles packaging, testing, and inspection on a daily basis.


The tooling used to form the cavity sections of a part. Custom thermoforming companies use molds to create production tooling to shape the plastic to the form needed for packaging.


Non-disclosure Agreement


Notification of readiness. Shows the product is ready to ship.

OCONUS Military Packaging

Outside Continental United States. (CONUS is the 48 Contiguous states and the District of Columbia). Overseas- Any country or place beyond CONUS.


Original Equipment Manufacturer

On-site Logistics

Deufol offers field services that encompass crating, material and plant movements and project material management services throughout North America.

On-site Management

We offer industrialized, full service custom crating at your site, or at any of our locations. On-site management also could include creating a parts program to receive and re-package your parts and verifying quality.

Outsource Custom Packaging

We are packaging experts. It makes financial sense to have an outside company like Deufol do packaging for you when there are large amounts to packaging using automation. This keeps you focused on your innovative core business and allows for professional packaging.

Overseas Packaging

Overseas packaging is packaging designed for the protection, handling and transport of goods by air and sea freight.

Package/Label Complete

After packaging each product the label is applied by either an automated system or by hand.


Packaging refers to the materials, processes and technologies used to encase a product or item in order to protect, transport and market it to a base of consumers and customers.

Packaging Companies

Packaging companies are specialist service providers aiming to meet the packaging needs of product manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

Packaging Designers

Deufol's engineers can design packaging from your packaging concept. Once the mechanical engineers create the design, our electrical engineers program and work on equipment diagnostics. Next our Industrial engineers identify any waste and create best practices. Finally our machinists take the design and create the tooling for the package.

Packaging Hub

A packing location we create that is strategically close to our clients. We receive all parts, unpack the parts from various vendors, check for quality and report any bad quality parts or damaged parts, and then repack into kits or bundles. Theses packs are then sent to our clients facility for assembly as needed.

Packaging Manufacturing

We make rigid packaging as well as custom crates.

Packaging Service

There are no businesses or industries today that do not make use of some direct or indirect form of packaging service.

Packaging Solution

Packaging solutions are born from the specific needs experienced by various manufacturers, retailers and other role-players regarding the packaging of a particular product, or range of products.

Pallet Storage

Warehouse services that provides pallet storage by rack-bin location or floor storage through an enhanced WMS warehouse management system. All warehouse pallet storage locations are clean and dry with climate control locations available when needed.

Parts Program

Either at your site or at one of our sites, we can receive your parts, kit them together for each job station, then we ship the kitted parts in time for assembly in your factory.

PDQ Display

P.O.P. Point of Purchase. Tray designed specifically to go on a shelf loaded with your product.


Polyethylene teraphthalate, commonly abbreviated PET. The most common resin of the polyester family.


Polyethylene teraphthalate with a glycol additive. Good for deep draws, precise details and sterilization applications.


Poly Lactic Acid. Made of corn; eco-friendly plastic. Must be refrigerated to transport; will biodegrade when hot.

Plant Layouts

The layout and design of people, materials, information and machinery to create a safe well-functioning system is a service we provide.

Plant Relocation Services

We offer industrialized, full service custom crating at your site, or at any of our locations. On-site management also could include creating a parts program to receive and re-package your parts and verifying quality.

Plastic Clamshell Packaging

Packaging process using a clamshell ( see clamshell definition in the glossary ) type of package.

PLC Programming

Programmable logic controller is used to control machinery in our assembly lines.

POP Display

Point of purchase display. We can load product in your display, wrap for shipping, store them in our warehouse and ship them to you or directly to your customers.

Power Generator Packaging

Packaging very large generators for the ultimate protection of your investment is what we do. Special custom, shock resistant, moisture barrier crating, as well as considering the g-force while transporting, are all necessary to secure power generators. The specialized crate can be monitored from the beginning of the transfer until it is delivered, through your computer system, or ours, at all times. Once delivered, the generator can be stored in the water/ humidity resistant protective crate until the end user is ready to install it. We can design and build your crates, and also store them here until you are ready for delivery.


Some of the items used to keep industrial items fresh during shipment are VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) material, desiccant, paint, foil, and vacuum pack.

Preventive Maintenance (PM)

A process / program used to identify and maintain components of manufacturing equipment that can fail over time.

Primary Packaging

Packaging systems refer to the equipment and processes employed by packaging companies to service the packaging needs of their various clients.

Process & Equipment Control Parameters

Parameters of a manufacturing process used to maintain fit, form, function and quality of a manufactured part.

Process & Equipment Validation

Evaluation of data collected to verify that the process and equipment consistently delivers quality products.

Process Control Plans

A document that identified the critical measurements that are required to verify that the product being produced meets all customer specific tolerances/characteristics. The document also identifies the frequency and the measurement or inspection method.

Process Control Studies

Processes like Validation, process capability studies and design of experiments are used to aid in the control of processes.

Process Flow Diagrams & FMEAs

A visual process developed to show the entire realization of a manufactured part. This Flow shows all points of movement and inspection.

Process Mapping

A visual process showing the entire cycle of any process or component. It identifies any potential bottlenecks or risks that might not be readily seen in the normal realization process

Production Manuals

Production manuals are generated to identify all process critical parameters or key inspection characteristics. Packing, stacking and labeling requirements are also included in these manuals

Production Tooling Design

Permanent designed tooling machined to meet customers specifications for each product designed.

Production Tooling Machining

The process of manufacturing components for production equipment either because of long term wear or equipment /tooling breakage.

Project Packaging

No project is too big or too small as we offer packaging services from industrial to consumer needs.


A preliminary part made on non-production tooling to supply to the customer for performance trials


Poly Vinyl Chloride. Has good strength characteristics and is very good in blisters and clamshells. Not as easily recycled as PET.


ISO 9001, ISO 13485 International Quality Standards, QAKE Certified.

Quality and Control

Quality is built into the all aspects of the manufactured part. From Design, tooling manufacturing, prototype and production tooling Quality is the key component.


The process of bringing outdated equipment to exceed the OEM requirements


When your retailer decides to change the promotional packaging, we will unpack, repack and send the items to the store.

Returnable Container

We build custom returnable containers to ship from your vendors and back again to save on materials.


Preliminary request for information


Formal request for pricing


Request for quote

Robotics Automation

We automate routine tasks by building robotic systems to save time and labor expenses.

Rotable Design

A custom returnable container design. A rotable design can be created for your shipping and receiving of items to and from your vendors to save packaging material.

Scannable Codes

Programing is available to create your scannable codes and print them onto the label.

Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging designates the packaging used to group various pre-packaged products together.


Just in time kits; Deufol will pack kits just when they are needed by the assembly team at your location.

Shared Warehousing

Temporary or fluctuating warehouse space at each of the Deufol global locations.

Shrink Packaging

Shrink packaging indicates the process in which sheets of transparent plastic film are wrapped around a product to form a solid, weather-resistant packaging layer.

Shrink Wrap

Plastic wrap that is molded tightly with heat or steam around the items to hold several parts together.


We thrive on coming up with custom solutions for your crating/packaging issues!


We can source all material and labor needed for projects to provide turnkey solutions when required.


Statement of work. Instructions of what customers expect of us.


For finished goods and warehousing services.

Specs Management

Control of all customer supplied specifications and engineering documentation is managed electronically

Spaghetti Diagram KAIZEN

The process of drawing lines on a 2 D layout or process map that identified the direction and flow of a product throughout a value stream.


Put into container- use technology to pack and unpack in order of planned use of the contents. First items in the container will be removed from the container first for efficiency.

Supply Chain

The process of getting your product from parts vendors to manufacturing to the sales floor. What are your biggest supply chain issues? We can help!

Supply Chain Management Warehousing

Safe and secure handling and warehousing of your industrial items at any of our global locations.

Synchronous Manufacturing

A type of lean manufacturing comparable to just in time manufacturing. Reduces lead time and inventory.

Tamper proof packaging

Features designed into the pack to deter theft of the product inside the pack.

Thermoform Tooling

Tooling made to manufacture products with a thermoform process which generally includes a mold, plug assist, cutting die and parts stacker.


The process of forming and trimming thin gage sheet plastic film into customer specified shapes. Rigid plastic packaging made and packaged in Sunman, Indiana. Custom thermoform design. Custom thermoform packaging. Turn-key packaging operations available.

Third Party Warehouse

Deufol receives, holds, and/or otherwise transports consumer products but does not normally take title to the product.

Thought Mapping

An organizational structure used to get all creative ideas out from all team members and organize them to show relationships and connections between ideas.


We design and produce the tools needed for your specific packaging requirements for thermoformed clamshell packaging or blister packages. Thermoforming services must include thermoform tooling which includes 3D design, a prototype, and production tooling. Production tooling machining is completed in our engineers machine shop.

Tooling Design

Capability to design tooling that meets the customers defined specifications for their equipment/process.

Tooling Refurbish

Rebuilding or repairing tooling to update it to new condition.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Improving equipment effectiveness by creating a system to maintain and enhance production and quality systems.

Trade Show Packaging

We design a crate around the equipment that needs to be transported and pack it for a tradeshow. (Mostly done for current customers as a value add service).

Trade Show Solutions

Engineered design solution for tradeshow handling and packaging. We design and make custom trade show boxes.

Transport Packaging

Transport packaging focuses on the packaging requirements of goods in transit, in particular for items traveling overland by road or rail.

Trapped Blister Packaging Design

More attractive package than the face seal. The blister is trapped between 2 sealed cards. A warehouse club package is a trapped blister. This is also a stronger package than the face seal package.

Tri-fold Packaging

This design is similar to a clamshell; the difference is that the Tri fold packs have two hinges. This type of pack is becoming obsolete, however, because it is less environmentally friendly (uses a lot of plastic), despite its ability to display well.

Turn Key

Complete product realization. From design to delivery, we can create your custom thermoform packages, as well as crating needs.

Vac Form

Process of pulling heated plastic over or into a tool using vacuum. More commonly used today with vacuum and air pressure.

Value Stream Mapping

A lean management system used to analyze the current state of a product or service to the future state; from conception to customer delivery.

Vendor Management

We can create a HUB to manage your vendors in a location that makes the most sense. With a HUB we find the location, receive shipments, warehouse the parts, kit all parts, and deliver to your assembly line right when you need them.

Warehouse Services

All of Deufol’s North American sites have warehousing services with loading docks, and are close to major highways, ports and railroads for easy access and heavy lift capabilities.


Receiving and storage of products and finished goods in a racking system of multiple levels of shelving.

Warehousing Company

Deufol is a dry storage warehousing company.

Warehousing Facilities

Facilities to store imports, exports, oversupply, industrial machinery or other large items or inventories.

Warehousing in Global Supply Chain

There are 90 global locations with warehousing services that can safely extend your warehousing to 11 countries within the Deufol Company. We can pack and unpack your goods from one country to another to arrive at your final destination under our full secure surveillance from pick up to delivery.

Warehousing in Supply Chain

Storage of industrial equipment.

Warehousing Industry

Warehousing has become a global business requirement. Deufol has warehouses in 11 countries including 5 locations in the US.

Warehousing Inventory

Management of the total inventory stock through warehouse management systems.

Warehousing Management Systems (WMS)

Systems and software that manage the entire storage system and movement of inventory. Real time information and optimization of inventory is created in the WMS.

Warehousing Products

Temperature/ humidity controlled warehouses and dry storage allows for most types of product storage.

Warehousing Solutions

Many variables can be included with warehousing. Some of which include receiving, unloading, stocking shelves and labeling, breaking bulk shipments into smaller shipments, storage, tracking, packaging, and shipping arrangements.

Warehousing Space

Sunman, Indiana has a total of 20,000 square feet of temperature and humidity controlled warehousing space and 80,000 sq. feet of dry storage. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania has heated storage up to 20 tons, outside storage under roof up to 10 tons and indoor storage not heated up to 50 tons. Cleveland, Ohio has over 100,000 square feet of indoor storage, including 5,000 square feet outdoor with no cover. Charlotte, North Carolina has 150,000 square feet of warehouse storage space, climate controlled indoor storage and over 1,000 square feet of refrigerated storage space. Cincinnati, Ohio has more than 100,000 square feet of warehousing space.

Warehousing Transportation

Deufol can offer solutions to your supply chain transportation needs. We have created partnerships around the globe with transportation carriers.

Experience the Deufol Difference

Contact us and in a brief consultation you will find that Deufol provides “Tough Pack” solutions by creating individualized packaging services, custom machines, automation, design and programming products surrounded by world class process and control and then putting it in a location that is where you need it in a timeframe that you need it.

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