In aviation packaging, even the smallest part, issue, or delay can have a substantial impact on the project outcome. Every component has to meet the highest quality and safety standards. Even the slightest defect can threaten a project’s quality. Multiple delays, no matter how short, can compound to throw a project off schedule. Quality is critical at every point in the manufacturing process.

One area that can often pose a risk in aviation manufacturing is packaging. Specifically, packaging from your suppliers may not meet your quality standards, or the parts may be packaged in a way that requires time-intensive unpacking and sorting on the part of your team members. The result is potential delays, costs, or defects that could threaten your project’s success.

How do you standardize packaging across your aviation supply chain in a way that protects quality, but also eliminates waste and inefficiency?

Custom Engineered Packaging: A Smarter Aviation Manufacturing Solution

Many aviation manufacturers and suppliers have found that custom engineered packaging is an effective solution to their most pressing packaging challenges. Custom engineered packaging is simply a comprehensive packaging solution that is developed in collaboration with a third-party packaging specialist.

Your packaging partner analyzes your needs, goals, and limitations, and then develops a packaging system custom for you and your project. The final solution could include recommendations on everything from package material and design to automation to shipping routes to protective strategies and much more.

If you’re an aviation manufacturer, you can collaborate with your suppliers and the packaging company to design a custom solution that reduces costs, improves quality, and strengthens your process.

If you’re an aviation parts supplier, you can leverage custom engineered packaging to strengthen your value proposition and win more business.

Deufol has provided custom engineered solutions to numerous aviation manufacturers and suppliers, helping them optimize their process and boost their project outcomes. Examples of past recommended solutions include:

  • Utilization of rotable, reusable packaging to reduce waste and material costs.
  • Redesigned packaging that protects quality and eliminates the need for costly and wasteful dunnage like foam peanuts and shredded paper.
  • Customized, semi-automated production processes that reduce per unit cost and limit capital investment.
  • Implementation of design software, GPS, barcode scanning, integrated tracking, and other technology strategies that maximize transparency into the supply chain.
  • Onsite Logistics solutions that reduce labor costs and minimize needless delays on large-scale manufacturing project sites.
  • Global packaging hub strategies to protect quality, streamline logistics, and reduce costs for both the manufacturer and the supplier.

This is just a sampling of the types of strategies Deufol has recommended in the past to help aviation companies improve their project outcomes. We welcome the opportunity to analyze your needs and goals and develop a custom solution for you.

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