Packaging doesn’t have to be complicated. Fast, simple crating solutions to meet your most pressing packaging needs.

Sometimes, you just need a box. While many packaging challenges can be very complex, that’s not always the case. Perhaps you simply need a crate, and ideally, you’d like crates that you can store in-house and quickly assemble.

Deufol’s spring crate solutions were designed exactly for that specific need. Our spring crates are high-quality, durable wooden crates that can be easily shipped and warehoused at your location. Your team can pull crates off the shelf as they need them and assemble them in minutes.

Our spring crate solutions help you save time and money. There’s no investment needed for equipment and machinery. There’s no need for significant amounts of labor. You simply order crates as you need them and keep them ready for future use.

Why use Deufol’s spring crates for your packaging needs?

Fast assembly. Our spring crates are assembled by hinges and other easily-assembled parts. You simply bolt the sides of the crate together to build a complete container. You can assemble a crate in minutes with nothing more than a screwdriver.

Easy shipping and storage. We ship our spring crates unassembled. That means the crates lay flat for easy shipping and storage. You can warehouse a large quantity of crates in your facility without taking up valuable shelf space.

Reusable options. We can also deliver reusable options. Do you ship to the same customer on a regular basis? You can use a reusable container that your customer can send back to you after each shipment. That reduces your cost for materials and their costs for container disposal. You may be able to pass some of your savings onto your customer to strengthen the relationship.

At Deufol, we make it our job to help you solve your toughest packaging and shipping challenges. A spring crate may be the simplest and most cost-effective way to protect your product quality, minimize risk, and meet tight deadlines.

Let’s talk about your packaging needs and possible solutions. We look forward to discussing your objectives with you. Let’s connect soon and start the conversation.

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