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Custom Industrial IT Solutions

Take Control of Your Business With Deufol's Custom IT Solutions.


Less labor. Less capital. Fewer distractions. Gain full transparency into your industrial packaging process.

It happens in every business. A part doesn't make it into a crate. A container gets loaded onto the wrong truck. A customer wants to know the status of their delivery, but your team has a hard time tracking down the shipment's whereabouts.

These issues can happen, but they can also be costly. They can erode customer trust and drain your team's efficiency.

What if you could eliminate those errors and maximize your team's productivity by gaining full, real-time transparency into your packaging and distribution process? You can, by partnering with Deufol and leveraging our custom IT solutions.

We've used our decades of industrial packaging and distribution experience to develop custom software solutions that provide full visibility and help your customers predict potential issues before they arise.

Some of the features of our custom IT solutions include

  • Seamless integration with ERP systems. Sync our custom solution with your in-house software system so you and your team can track all containers, crates, units, and other materials in real time.
  • Detailed package protocols. Our systems use barcodes that can be scanned at each step in the process. Packages can be checked in and checked out of workstations as they move through your distribution process. You can then view a protocol of the process and archive that protocol for future use.
  • Packaging checklists. Eliminate costly redeliveries by giving your team a real-time, instantly updated checklist. They can see exactly what is in each container and what is missing. Dramatically reduce your errors and inefficiencies.
  • Information sharing. Have customers who want constant status updates? Now they can help themselves with Deufol's custom IT solutions. Share limited access to the system with all relevant parties. They can get the information they need without  reaching out to your or your team.

Ready to take back control of your packaging and distribution process? Let's talk about it. Contact us today to learn how we can help you gain transparency and eliminate inefficiencies.

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Less labor. Less capital. Fewer distractions. Gain full transparency into your industrial packaging process.