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The 10 Critical Ingredients in Any Successful Industrial Plant Relocation

Learn How to Minimize Risks and Hit Your Objectives with a Relocation Plan


Relocating to a new industrial plant, warehouse, or other facility? A relocation can be a major event for nearly any type of business, and the process can bring a wide range of risks. Your equipment could be damaged during packaging or in transit. Parts and components could get lost somewhere in the process. The relocation could disrupt your normal business.

Fortunately, you can minimize these risks and hit your objectives if you have a detailed and comprehensive relocation plan in place. Planning can eliminate some of the toughest relocation challenges.

There are 10 key items that should be included in every industrial plant relocation, including:

  1. A written relocation plan document
  2. A risk assessment
  3. A layout review
  4. A detailed, realistic timeline

Download our industrial plant relocation guide to get all 10 steps.

Download the Guide

Download our industrial plant relocation guide.