Export Packaging at DEUFOL

Save your own storage space and take advantage of our multiple locations.

Your export packaging expert at multiple locations

Do you want to transport industrial equipment but you don’t know which packaging is best suited? DEUFOL understands these exact challenges and can assist you. With over 70 years of industry experience, we are established as one of the leading experts in this market.

Custom export packaging for your industrial goods

No matter what you want to ship and how large or heavy your goods are, we package all kinds of products at our locations. DEUFOL takes care of the entire packaging process directly at our site. Simply contact us for a personal consultation where you can outline your exact requirements and we will take care of the rest.

Benefit from our wealth of experience in industrial packaging

We offer standardized or customized packaging solutions for any industrial product.

On-Time Delivery

DEUFOL ensures that your deadlines are met and no delays occur.

Fast & Flexible

We offer you maximum flexibility and are available for you at short notice.

Fair Market Prices

Our packing prices are based on your precise needs.

One Point of Contact

With DEUFOL, you have a one contact person who will support you with expert advice.


Our packaging meets the highest industry standards, according to HPE, ASTM and MIL-Spec requirements.

We offer Export or Domestic Packaging Solutions for any product

Heavy Cargo
We package industrial goods in the heavy-lift breakbulk sector.
Spare Parts
We also offer you the right packaging solution for spare parts.
Manufacturing Facilities
We package all types of facilities for our customers.
DEUFOL manages the packaging process of your machines.
*Produced Crates & Bases
*Export countries

*Global estimated

We package for you at our 5 locations in the USA

After we have received your goods, they will be safely stored temporarily if necessary. We will then complete the suitable packaging of your products to protect them during export shipment to the country of destination.

We know the special challenges for every transport route

The type of industrial packaging required depends significantly on how and where it is being transported and how long it remains packaged. Whether for rail, ocean, air freight or truck transport, we offer the right packaging for your specific needs.

Monitor your freight in real time

A lack of transparency during transport is a significant problem for many companies. For this reason, we have made it our mission to develop a tool so you can permanently monitor your freight. It can be conveniently booked in addition to your packaging. This way, you maintain full control and can quickly react if an unexpected situation occurs.

Frequently Asked Questions about this Export Packaging Service:

For more than 75 years, Deufol has helped businesses of all sizes and in all industries implement the perfect packaging and supply chain solutions for their products. With around 2400 employees in 90 global locations, we leverage our experience and unique capabilities to help you tackle any supply chain challenge.

Not all supply chains are created equal though. Your needs and objectives are unique to your specific products, customers, and logistical obstacles. Before we can develop and implement the right solutions for your goals, we have to gain an understanding of your business. Contact us

We offer in house cranes, ASTM standard in house custom engineered industrial boxes, plant relocation, military packaging,  and container loading.

Definitely. We have substantial experience in helping our customers manage the pick up and delivery of their product to our facility with the help of our  third party partners.

Yes, we pack to ASTM specifications, Mil Std specifications for Military Packing & can build / pack to the customers specification, as required.

We offer in house 30 and 50 ton cranes to receive, pack and/or distribute your industrial machinery from our facilities with 40 plus years of partnership with regional rigging and heavy-haul transportation companies to provide 3PL solutions for import/export of machinery at YOUR facility.

For more questions and answers, visit our FAQ page here or If your question is specific to your project, don’t hesitate to contact us at 888 658 4098 or by filling out the form below and one of our business developers will get in touch soon.

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