Safety through dangerous goods packaging from DEUFOL

DEUFOL is your expert for professional and reliable hazardous goods packaging - with us, your challenges are in safe hands.

Your specialist for packaging & dangerous goods

If dangerous goods are not transported correctly, the consequences can be incalculable: cleaning and decontamination costs, official penalties, effects on the environment and, in the worst case, the endangerment of people. At DEUFOL, we offer packaging solutions you can rely on.

The advantages of our dangerous goods packaging at a glance

Professional advice

Questions about transport, legal regulations and everything to do with hazardous goods packaging - our trained staff will be pleased to advise you.

Proven expertise

DEUFOL combines innovative solutions and decades of experience. We have an unlimited exemption from the German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA) in the area of dangerous goods packaging for air freight shipping.


Highest flexibility and competence characterise us, so that we are also ready for action with our dangerous goods packaging at short notice.

Assistance from requirement to target

Our experts are ready for you even before the transport and provide competent advice on all areas of dangerous goods shipping. Of course, we also consider the entire logistics process.

Meeting deadlines even under time pressure

We make sure that all deadlines are met and that there are no delays in the transport of dangerous goods.

Provision of a 24-hour emergency number

If required, we provide you with a 24-hour emergency number that will help you 365 days a year in the event of hazardous goods accidents.

Dangerous goods packaging from DEUFOL

With us, you can choose from a variety of dangerous goods packaging to transport hazardous products, articles, substances and objects safely from A to B.

This is because dangerous goods packaging is exposed to various influences and stresses on its way to its destination. Stability and protection, therefore, have top priority. Packaging fulfils here two essential functions: It protects the contents and facilitates handling.


The packaging of dangerous goods such as solid substances as well as liquid substances have very special requirements to prevent the hazardous goods from leaking and thus protect people, animals and the environment. Dangerous goods packaging consists of different materials, is rigid or flexible and comes in different sizes. Boxes, bags, big bags, canisters, drums, IBCs, dangerous goods boxes, gas cylinders and more – we take care of the packaging research so that your items are packed safely and in accordance with the regulations.

UN-approved packaging

DEUFOL only uses UN-tested packaging for your hazardous goods that meets the requirements of the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (” BAM ” for short). The dangerous goods packaging is subjected to various stress tests. If the packaging has passed these tests, we receive a type approval from the authority. The packaging is then given a special code, the “UN specification marking”, after which nothing more stands in the way of its safe journey.


For the safety of your dangerous goods packaging

DEUFOL plays it safe for you when it comes to transporting hazardous and special goods. We provide you with experienced experts for the packaging of your dangerous goods and the preparation of the corresponding documentation. We know all the regulations relating to the transport of dangerous and special goods.

With the dangerous goods’ packaging from DEUFOL, we guarantee you packaging, marking and labelling of sensitive or dangerous goods in accordance with regulations and ensure proper documentation of your goods.

In compliance with the regulations

We provide you with high-performance packaging solutions that meet the special requirements and regulations for shipping, regardless of the mode of transport.

Legal requirements are a chapter in themselves, because the transport of dangerous goods is subject to national and international legislation and laws:

  • The “Gefahrgutbeförderungsgesetz” (GGBefG) applies to the transport of dangerous goods by rail, magnetic levitation train, road, water and air vehicles as well as to their packaging.

  • The “Gefahrgutverordnung” (GGVSEB) regulates the domestic and cross-border (including intra-Community) shipment of dangerous goods by road with vehicles and by rail with railways and inland waterway vessels.

  • The ADR Convention regulates the international carriage of dangerous goods by road. It contains regulations for road freight transport and the correct securing of loads as well as for the packaging and labelling of dangerous goods.

  • For the transport of dangerous products by sea and for the handling and stowage of cargo, the IMDG code contains internationally binding specifications.

  • The IATA DGR are regulations for the transport of dangerous goods in aviation. These regulations on the transport of dangerous goods are firmly anchored in the air traffic of the International Air Transport Association.

Do you still have questions about ADR and Co? DEUFOL is at your side with professional advice and supports you in optimally packaging your dangerous goods.

Play it safe during transport

In addition to safe packaging solutions for your hazardous goods, DEUFOL is also pleased to provide you with the right packaging material for your product. We offer you an extensive selection for your personal needs. In this way, your goods, whether in large or small quantities, are optimally protected against possible damage throughout the entire transport route.

We will also be delighted to take over the organisation of the collection, pre-carriage to the packaging location and delivery to the airport or seaport for you. From DEUFOL you get the right solution from a single source – including route determination.


DEUFOL packaging solutions in every size

We are not only your competent transport partner for dangerous goods packaging for hazardous substances. DEUFOL also offers you transport pallets, hazardous goods boxes, special export packaging and high-performance packaging material for external and internal packaging. Thanks to our years of experience and specialisation in this field, we can also package oversized products and equipment. We can even easily make items that exceed a certain length and width ready for transport in DEUFOL packaging that meets your needs.

Feel free to contact us

Do you have any questions about dangerous goods packaging or transport organisation? Then please feel free to contact us at any time. We recommend using our contact form for the convenient submission of your enquiry. Alternatively, you can of course also contact us by phone or e-mail.

Frequently asked questions about our dangerous goods packaging:

If goods (e.g. solvents, substances, mixtures, blends or objects) are transported in the public space which, due to their natural properties or a chemical or physical condition, pose a danger to public safety and order or to the life and health of people, animals or property, they are referred to as “dangerous goods”.

The term “dangerous goods” refers only to dangerous goods that are being transported. Dangerous materials that are in use or stored are referred to as “dangerous substances”. Thus, dangerous goods and dangerous substances have an essential difference, which only refers to the interaction with the product.

DEUFOL offers you the right dangerous goods packaging for your sensitive and hazardous goods. We package dangerous goods of the most diverse classes and pay attention to the optimal protection during the transport and storage of your goods. For dangerous goods packaging, we rely on trained personnel and strictly adhere to all dangerous goods regulations such as the IMDG Code, the IATA regulations and the ADR Convention.

We are your direct contact for professional and compliant dangerous goods packaging that keeps you on the safe side.

When selecting suitable packaging for your product, the classification of the dangerous goods is necessary, because not every packaging is suitable for every dangerous good.

In addition, the transport route on which the dangerous goods are to be transported is a decisive criterion. For example, dangerous goods are packaged differently for transport by rail than for transport by air or road. Therefore, a packaging research should be carried out in order to find a suitable outer packaging.

Common types of packaging for dangerous goods are drums or barrels, canisters, boxes or cartons, containers and special combination packaging. Materials such as steel, aluminium and other metals as well as materials made of wood, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, plastic (IBC), textile fabric etc. are used for this purpose. DEUFOL has many UN-specified dangerous goods packagings ready for you.

Which packaging is suitable for a dangerous goods transport depends not only on the type of dangerous goods but also on a number of factors such as dangerous goods class and packaging group, which we take fully into account when selecting the type of packaging.

In addition, the transport route is decisive for the correct packaging as well as the legal marking & labelling of dangerous goods. DEUFOL is familiar with the use-specific requirements of dangerous goods and supports you with all applicable regulations of dangerous goods packaging.

If you have not yet found the right answer to your question, we will be glad to help you personally at: +49 (6122) / 50-00 or digitally via our contact form.

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