DEUFOL is your expert for holistic and process-oriented logistics in your company. We specialise in the planning, organisation and control of supply chains, always paying attention to transparency, quality, innovation, functionality and our end-2-end approach. Thus, we offer our customers an intelligent supply chain management system of the latest generation, which digitalises your entire logistics processes, and fully comprehensive services for your supply chain challenges.

Benefit from our extensive know-how and convince yourself of our first-class service in all areas of logistics. With our many years of experience and expertise, we are one of the market leaders in the international logistics industry.

Supply chain management system for your logistics

With our latest-generation supply chain management system, we have developed a dynamic and future-oriented software that takes our approach one step further into the future. In doing so, we always pay attention to process-oriented planning and control of your flows of goods and information along the entire value and supply chain. With our software, you get real-time insights into your supply chain and are professionally accompanied through all logistics management processes.

How our supply chain management software supports you

When integrating business intelligence solutions, we focus on innovation, quality and customer orientation. Our smart and digital supply chain management software controls the management of your entire logistics with on-premise and cloud systems in a fully automated way. From warehousing and order processing to the dispatch of your items and transportation management, you always get a transparent overview in real time. In the process, the SCM software monitors the complete flow of goods from the supplier’s production to the end consumer.

Our software is equipped with a wide range of logistical functions that can also be integrated into an already existing digital infrastructure. For example, integration into an available ERP system provides perfect transparency and control throughout your supply chain.

What functions our SCM software performs

Central control and reporting tool

With the functions of our software, you can control and manage your entire logistics.

Use data efficiently

Based on the data prepared in real time, you can use functions that enable immediate action in the logistics process and thus make potential savings directly visible.

Recording at batch part level

With our SCM software, you can record the live status of each batch part around the clock and at any location.

Integration of digital systems

Already available systems (for example ERP systems) can be seamlessly integrated into our D-SCS and equipped with corresponding functions.

Needs-based adaptation

Our software can be equipped with additional functions that are relevant to your needs.

How we can support you in both logistics and supply chain management

Logistics and supply chain management, by definition, involves a recognisable difference. Our experts already adjust to the crucial differences during the first consultation.

DEUFOL Logistics Management

We provide you with experienced logistics managers who ensure that your products arrive in the right quantity, in the right quality, at the right place at the right time. We always pay attention to the economic execution of all processes and communicate all relevant information to you in real-time throughout the entire process. We divide the areas into procurement, production, storage, transport and distribution logistics as well as the area of waste disposal. In all fields of logistics, we ensure optimal management of all information and material flows along the entire supply chain.

DEUFOL Supply Chain Management

Our competent supply chain managers offer you extensive know-how in all process stages and ensure the integration of the entire supply chain – from the first supplier to the end customer. In doing so, we connect all areas of your business processes and ensure cross-company and process-oriented planning and control for your complete value chain.

Our goal for your SCM is the optimisation of all logistical processes in your company. We support you from the procurement of raw materials through the production and assembly of your goods to the storage and inventory control of your articles. Furthermore, we take over the coordination of order processing and also accompany you during dispatch and delivery to the end customer. You can also benefit from enormous savings potential through extensive optimisation of the time and financial expenditure of your supply chain management.

Your advantages at a glance

Personal consultation

We put experienced contact partners at your side who provide you with all the relevant information and create a custom-fit SCM solution for your business.

Regular exchange

We place great value on close cooperation as partners at eye level as well as regular contact and always keep you up to date on your projects.

Fast & flexible

We focus on maximum flexibility and are pleased to be at your disposal for all SCM challenges, even at short notice.

Excellent appointment planning

Keeping to deadlines is a matter of course for us, and for this we create an efficient time management system for you.

More transparency

Our experts capture the overall process of your logistics and identify possible bottlenecks, risks and potential savings.

What are the goals of our supply chain management

Our efficiency-enhancing products and services ensure that the processes in your company are noticeably optimised. With our supply chain management, we bring your product in the right quantity, in the right condition, to the right place at the right time. To further enhance your company’s performance and increase customer satisfaction, we attach great importance to close cooperation. In doing so, we always pursue the following goals and significant functions:

  • Improving customer orientation by identifying demand from the end customer in order to achieve needs-based planning in the areas of production, purchasing and sales.

  • Consistent cost reduction by reducing costs in warehousing and process and material costs across the entire value chain.

  • Optimisation of production times in order to flexibly organise deadlines and efficiently control the distribution of goods.

  • Reliable scheduling in cooperation with customers and suppliers to shorten delivery times.

  • Efficient planning, management and control in the use of resources.

Customised solutions for your business

In close cooperation with our customers, we increase the quality and productivity of your logistics. We provide you with customised solutions for your business and your industry and offer you first-class service along the entire supply chain.

Logistics & Transport Industry
DEUFOL has decades of expertise in the field of logistics and transport and knows the requirements of all supply chain issues inside out.
DEUFOL plans and organises your supply chain in the shipping industry and is familiar with the challenges and conditions of long transport routes.
Mineral Oil & Refining
DEUFOL offer you innovative services in the mineral oil and refining industry and provide you with experienced experts at your side.
Rail vehicle construction
DEUFOL provides you with suitable solutions for rail vehicle construction and accompanies you through the complete implementation.
Mechanical Engineering
DEUFOL offers you extensive expertise in mechanical engineering and is at your side for all challenging tasks in this field.
Medical technology
DEUFOL is your direct contact for logistics management in medical technology and offers you a unique service in this sector.
Precision Mechanics & Optics
DEUFOL offers you solution-oriented services and also provides holistic support for its customers in the precision mechanics and optics industries.
IT solutions
DEUFOL ensures successful process optimisation with its intelligent IT solutions and is available to companies with first-class advice.
Energy & Environmental Technology
DEUFOL is experienced in logistics management in energy and environmental technology and advises you along your supply chain.

Also benefit from our holistic supply chain consulting services

In cooperation with our customers, we analyse the entire supply chain and identify bottlenecks, optimisation and savings potential for you.

In doing so, we always orientate our consultation towards the customer and the product and create the greatest transparency in the process! Likewise, we naturally also answer all questions that are relevant to the supply chain sector of your company.

Your supply chain contact person

As an experienced partner, DEUFOL offers you future-proof supply chain management for the entire processes of your corporate logistics. With our logistics management, you receive real-time insights into your supply chain and benefit from maximum transparency in process monitoring.

Whether logistics management or supply chain management, both areas have the goal of increasing quality and reducing costs across the board. With us, your supply chain challenges are in the best hands. At our 90 locations in 12 countries, we employ around 2,400 people who are familiar with all logistics requirements and can accompany, support and relieve you holistically in all processes of your supply chain.

Contact us now

Would you like to implement a future-oriented supply chain management system in your company? Then simply get in touch with us directly. We will provide you with experienced specialists and will be glad to advise you on our efficiency-enhancing products and services.

We look forward to your enquiry and are available by phone, e-mail or contact form!

Frequently asked questions about DEUFOL Logistic Management

In the field of logistics management, DEUFOL focuses on the holistic planning, control, organisation and optimisation of the complete material and information flow of your company. We aim at a comprehensive design of the entire process along your supply chain and ensure the so-called supply (logistics). We support you holistically in distribution logistics from the first supplier to the end customer. Our experienced experts always act in a goal-oriented manner during implementation and ensure a significant improvement in the costs and quality of all integrated logistics chains.

DEUFOL offers its customers in supply chain management process-oriented planning and management of all goods, information and financial flows across the entire value chain. From the first supplier to the end customer, we ensure an optimal supply of production and delivery processes. We focus on the increasing customer requirements in your industry and go one step further, especially in transportation management and warehouse logistics. With our intelligent IT solutions, we provide you with future-proof management systems along your supply chain and thus increase the efficiency of logistics in your company.

Almost every company is dependent on a future-proof logistics management in order to meet the increasing demands of today’s world. Supply chain management has a cross-company view of all corporate processes. DEUFOL specialises in supply chain management and understands how to analyse all process performance in companies and develop sustainable solutions to significantly improve processes.

We provide you with professional supply chain solutions and matching services and support you holistically in the field of e-commerce. This cutting-edge industry requires a high degree of flexibility and innovation. Our experts are familiar with the increasing customer requirements as well as the digital growth and offer you first-class service and long-term support for your projects.

We offer you a first-class full service (end-2-end) along your supply chain and support you with suitable packaging services, professional packaging products and holistic services for the international shipping and transport of your goods.

DEUFOL provides you with professional packaging that is precisely adapted to the needs of your products and meets the requirements of the transport route or long-term storage in the warehouse. This includes high-performance transport crates, transport pallets and packaging material.

DEUFOL offers you packaging services tailored to your needs at the location of your choice. We are glad to support you on-site or at our numerous logistics locations and take over the packaging directly after production and ensure a seamless process. In addition, our mobile packaging buses are available to you and can be flexibly deployed to any location.

DEUFOL has decades of experience and expertise in logistics and is your professional contact for services in the areas of warehouse management, container stowage, industrial services, transport organisation, hazardous goods services and construction site logistics. In addition, we offer you first-class supply chain consulting to make your company fit for the future and competitive.

You can also benefit from our future-proof IT solutions and bring your entire logistics up to the state of the art. Our software solutions are divided into efficient supply chain management software, digital photo documentation, transparent freight monitoring and intelligent warehouse management systems.

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