Wooden packaging from the experts

Strong load capacity and high quality

The development and production of industrial packaging solutions is our area of expertise. We are your specialists for all particular challenges for professional packaging of industrial goods and standard products that meet your needs. DEUFOL offers you first-class service, drawing on many years of experience and know-how.

Safety and quality

The topics of safety and quality play a particularly central role at DEUFOL. Professional packaging solutions and precisely fitting packaging material are a matter of course for us in every situation. To ensure that your transport goods are also made ready for export safely, you will receive professional advice on the services and products of DEUFOL. We provide you with experienced professionals who specialise in the individual enquiries of our customers.

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Fast delivery for your needs

Benefit from the wide range of packaging DEUFOL offers you and convince yourself of the quality of our specially developed wooden packaging. We are your packaging partner in Germany and 11 other countries at over 90 locations worldwide.

Wooden packaging for shipping and storage of goods

The use of wooden packaging has proven itself for industrial transport and for the storage of shipping goods. The demand is constantly growing, because wood is a particularly robust and stable material that is characterised by numerous possible applications.

DEUFOL has therefore specialised in wooden packaging in the field of logistics and warehousing. The production of industrial wooden crates offers far-reaching advantages for the shipment of sensitive and heavy goods and is a space-saving option for storing goods. The material of wooden packaging has enormous stability and optimally protects your goods from damage due to external influences.

Production of wood

The production and manufacturing of our wooden packaging takes place with state-of-the-art machines, as DEUFOL also relies on high standards in wood processing. In addition to the use of needs-based materials, punctual delivery of the finished products is always part of our service.

Ein Lagermitarbeiter schraubt mit einem Akkuschrauber Schrauben in eine Holzkiste.
Ein Anhänger ist mit großen Holzkisten beladen.

The material of the wooden packaging

DEUFOL wooden packaging for export is subject to the IPPC standard to ensure smooth delivery to the country of destination. The IPPC “International Plant Protection Convention” has established the so-called ISPM 15 “International Standard for Plant Protection Measures”. It describes the necessary heat treatment of wooden packaging materials to prevent pest infestation. Due to our packaging being made of alternative materials, the guidelines for the transport boxes of DEUFOL do not apply.

Professional wooden transport boxes

Our custom-fit wooden transport boxes are designed precisely to meet the individual needs of our customers. We develop precisely fitting packaging solutions and are guided by your specific customer requirements. Therefore, we clarify your personal requirement profile in the first step. We always take into account the most important parameters such as dimensions, weights, deadlines and country of destination in order to design a solution that meets your needs.

At the same time, we always keep an eye on the requirements of the transport routes and ensure that your goods are shipped safely.

Individual wooden packaging for special purposes

DEUFOL has specialised in wooden packaging for a wide range of applications. In doing so, we are always available to our customers with professional advice on our functional packaging solutions and are also a strong partner at your side when it comes to individual services in the area of logistics and warehousing.

The usage of sustainable raw materials plays a decisive role for DEUFOL. The production of our wooden crates has proven itself for many applications in industry and offers ideal conditions for the transport of any goods and products.

Custom-fit wooden packaging

We produce and develop custom-fit wooden packaging for the products of our customers. This includes classic pallets and wooden crates of various requirements and sizes as well as industrial export crates and export packaging made of wood, which can also be used as overseas packaging.

Are you looking for special wooden packaging for your product? Then DEUFOL is the right contact for you. Take advantage of our company’s many years of experience and benefit from our custom-fit products. We are specialists in the market for wooden export packaging. Our experts are always available for personal advice or a non-binding enquiry.

Our transport pallets for your transport route

For the safe transport of your products, DEUFOL offers not only packaging and crates tailored to your needs, but also matching boxes, container bases and transport pallets. Here, we also guarantee high-performance packaging solutions that meet every situation and requirement. Whether for rail, ship, air freight or truck transport, we support you with the right products for your transport route.

As a DEUFOL customer, you can combine our products and services to benefit from efficient synergy effects and cost advantages.

Wooden transport boxes

The professional packaging of industrial goods is essential for safe transport. DEUFOL offers you individual or standardised packaging for your goods, depending on your needs. Our transport boxes are absolutely flexible in their production, size and load-bearing capacity and are designed precisely to meet the requirements of your products. No matter whether they are made of solid wood, plywood, OSB or cardboard.

Custom-fit wooden packaging for your products

DEUFOL has many years of experience and expertise in the production of custom-fit packaging solutions. We offer you functional packaging specifically for your product. Our boxes, pallets and container bases are ideally designed for your goods and are tailored to your wishes and requirements.

DEUFOL guarantees production using high-quality raw materials and innovative machine technology. At the same time, our services are subject to constant cost control. Benefit here from our large network and our many years of experience in purchasing solid wood, plywood, OSB and compressed wood.

DEUFOL - your contact for industrial packaging made of wood

DEUFOL has specialised in the production and manufacture of wooden packaging and offers its customers in Germany and worldwide a wide range of industrial packaging. DEUFOL supports you in all special challenges for professional packaging of industrial goods and standard packaging that meets your needs. With our functional packaging made of wood, we ensure the safe shipment of your industrial goods.

Professional advice on choosing the right wooden crate or pallet

DEUFOL is your contact in Germany and worldwide if you are looking for high-performance packaging made of wood. We inform and support our customers around the topics of packaging materials, wood processing and wooden packaging specifically for your product. We provide you with the ideal solution when choosing the optimal wooden crate. Our crates, pallets and box bases are specially designed and manufactured to protect your goods.
Your products should arrive at their destination safely and in perfect condition. Protecting your goods is a top priority at DEUFOL. To this end, we have developed products and services that can be cleverly combined with each other.

With us, you will receive professional advice from our experts and benefit from our decades of expertise in the field of industrial packaging. DEUFOL is glad to support our customers with all questions regarding the choice of the right wooden crate or pallet for your industrial goods.

Meeting delivery times and partial deliveries

To meet delivery times and the planned requirements of flexible transport needs, we provide you with suitable products. DEUFOL ensures fast delivery that meets your individual needs. Thus, partial deliveries of our customers’ goods are also part of our daily business. We offer you maximum flexibility and respond quickly to your requests.
Our standardised packaging such as DS boxes (DEUFOL System Box) and ConPal (container pallet) made of wood are produced in large quantities and are always available for you in our warehouses. This means we can guarantee a fast response and delivery time and supply you directly with the right wooden box or pallet.

Ein Lagermitarbeiter verschließt die Seitenwände einer großen Holzverpackung.

Personal advice

The use of high-quality raw materials is of great importance to DEUFOL. Thereby, the focus is on the requirements of the product. Our consultants have extensive expertise and can offer you a wide range of potential packaging materials that are specifically tailored to your product.
Our contact persons in Germany and in 11 other countries at a total of 90 locations will be pleased to support you in choosing the right wooden crate or pallet.

Quality is our standard

DEUFOL always focuses on high quality in the production of its packaging. Only the best quality materials are used in the production of our wooden packaging with state-of-the-art machines. In addition, punctual delivery of the manufactured products is always part of our service.

Headquartered in Germany, we have an international DEUFOL network in 11 countries with a total of 90 locations. We will be pleased to support you with your questions and advise you on suitable wooden packaging for your products.

DEUFOL-Transportpaletten am Standort aufeinander gestapelt

Services from DEUFOL

DEUFOL is your direct contact for your industrial packaging made of wood. We manufacture wooden crates and pallets that are perfectly adapted to your product. In addition, we support you in distribution management and goods storage. We currently store numerous products and industrial goods of our customers from all industries at our 90 locations.

Wooden packaging for all industrial goods

DEUFOL specialises in industrial wood packaging of all kinds and for all applications. Wood is a sustainable raw material that offers numerous advantages. In addition, wood is a particularly robust and stable material that is characterised by numerous application possibilities and for which the most diverse environmental conditions pose no challenge. Wooden packaging has proven itself for industrial transport and the storage of shipping goods.

Let us advise you

Do you need further information? Then please feel free to call us or use our contact form.

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