Supply chain management software: Innovative and digital all-in-one SCM software for your logistics

Our efficient all-in-one supply chain management system of the latest generation digitises all your processes along the supply chain. The DEUFOL SCM software offers your company automation and transparency in the entire supply chain management (SCM) and is oriented precisely to your requirements.

The DEUFOL supply chain management software provides an intelligent IT solution for all of your company’s logistics challenges. In this way, you eliminate the manual effort of your supply chain through digitalisation and at the same time obtain full control and maximum transparency – and all of this end-2-end.

Smarter logistics through our SCM software

Reduce the manual effort of your processes along your entire supply chain and use innovative supply chain management solutions instead. DEUFOL offers you our software solution D-SCS (DEUFOL-Supply-Chain-Solution) for this purpose. The efficient supply chain management system of the latest generation digitalises your entire workflow and creates complete innovation in your supply chain. This includes the digital handling of the entire data, financial and material flow of your company.


The functions of our D-SCS software at a glance

DEUFOL has developed a supply chain management software for its customers that maps your entire supply chain completely and transparently. We have equipped our D-SCS software with functions and features that deliver reliable results in real-time. This gives you an overview of every single process along your supply chain, which makes potential savings immediately visible.

In addition, our D-SCS offers the possibility to integrate already available systems (for example ERP systems) to ensure optimal planning and control.

Central REporting and Control Tool

D-SCS is equipped with functions to control, organise and monitor your entire logistics.

Use data efficiently

D-SCS contains functions for preparing data that enable immediate action throughout the entire logistics process and make the savings potential directly visible.

Recording at lot level

D-SCS includes qualified functions for recording the current status of each lot part.

Needs-based adaptation

D-SCS can be customised with specific functions relevant to your needs.


Maximum transparency through intelligent supply chain management solutions

The DEUFOL SCM software facilitates the completion of your project and is an effective solution to get a quick overview of all your processes. Through the DEUFOL supply chain solutions, your company has the possibility to transparently track your projects at any time. This includes order processing as well as the production of your goods, the entire packaging process, transport, delivery and handover.

Our logistics software is your flexible co-pilot. Because no matter whether supplier management, production, packaging, shipping or on-site management: with our logistics software, you always maintain the overall view. In addition, you can easily link our CPC tracker with D-SCS.

Highest security for your data

When processing data, we always ensure compliance with the highest security standards and the legal regulations of data protection. The security of our customers’ and suppliers’ personal data is our highest priority. To safeguard personal data, our software is equipped with innovative anti-virus programmes that protect your data from access by unauthorised persons and make your data traffic completely secure. In addition, our entire IT infrastructure and all of our teams are located directly in Europe, which promises a further level of data security.


Our DEUFOL supply chain management categories

  1. Inventory management

    Our software covers the entire area of inventory management and monitoring in the warehouse. With customised functionality, companies gain real-time visibility from receiving to picking to shipping. This enables companies to review inventory at every stage of their supply chain and gain targeted insights into how they are working with their suppliers. The technical evaluation of changing demand and actual sales of products also helps companies to better assess product production.

    In order to optimally plan the procurement process, additional functions (procurement management) can be integrated in order to, among other things, keep an eye on the costs of raw material procurement from the very beginning. Procurement management deals with the operational functions of purchasing and the procurement logistics of materials and raw materials for further processing in production.

2. Order management

With our software, we offer companies the possibility to automate their entire order processing and to monitor the control and organisation of the order process holistically. This gives companies an immediate insight into every order, from the placing of the order to the delivery of the goods. The constantly updated inventory information allows for quick reaction and action even in long supply chains. In addition, the software contains a database with suppliers and all relevant customer information.


3. Transport management

Our transport management system takes over the planning, organisation and execution of all relevant processes of goods transport. Transport management supports companies in the preparation, picking and provision of physical goods movements and helps to efficiently control and, if necessary, optimise outgoing goods. In addition, transport costs can be reduced in a targeted manner and resources can be used optimally.

4. Shipping management

With our shipping management system, we support companies in organising, tracking and documenting the entire shipping process in order to ship each individual order according to plan and efficiently. In order to optimally plan shipping resources, inventory data is constantly updated. Furthermore, all relevant information from suppliers and customers is kept ready in a database.


5. Supplier relationship management

Supplier relationship management helps companies to analyse all processes with suppliers and to improve supplier management. The strategic development of a supplier network also provides decisive advantages in procurement and production processes. Through the technical assessment of changes in material requirements and consumer demand for products, costs can be reduced and customer satisfaction increased at the same time.

Your advantages of our supply chain consulting

DEUFOL has developed a supply chain management software for its customers that maps your entire supply chain completely and transparently. We have equipped our D-SCS software with functions and features that deliver reliable results in real-time. This gives you an overview of every single process along your supply chain, which makes potential savings immediately visible.

In addition, our D-SCS offers the possibility to integrate already available systems (for example ERP systems) to ensure optimal planning and control.

Personal advice

Our experienced contact persons will advise you holistically on our innovative software systems and create a custom-fit supply chain management solution for your company.

Regular exchange

Regular contact and close cooperation is a matter of course for us and offers our customers a great advantage in planning.

Fast & flexible

We always act flexibly and offer our customers quick solutions for all logistics challenges.

Excellent scheduling

We make sure that all your deadlines are met and provide you with an efficient schedule.

More transparency

We automate your entire logistics processes and create maximum transparency in your supply chain.

Advice on all aspects of the DEUFOL Supply Chain Solution software

We support you with our management systems to integrate modern planning and control methods into your company. To this end, we offer you holistic supply chain consulting with target-oriented solutions for every supply chain challenge your company faces. Our experienced experts start with a holistic needs analysis, focusing on the exact requirements of your supply chain to achieve the best possible planning and optimisation.

Benefit from our in-depth know-how and use our innovative software for all logistics processes in your company. We will be pleased to answer all your questions on the topics of supply chain and SCM software in a personal consultation.

More flexibility and transparency in your supply chain with our D-SCS

DEUFOL offers companies more flexibility and transparency in their entire supply chain with our innovative end-2-end solution. Our software automates the complete process flow, from the procurement of raw materials to the production of your products and the shipment of your goods to the end customer.

With our intelligent software solutions, we provide you with future-proof management systems and thus increase the quality and efficiency of your logistics. Cost minimisation and the optimal use of resources play a decisive role in this. Our software gives you a permanent overview of all processes in the supply chain and enables you to act quickly and plan operations effectively.

Other DEUFOL services at a glance

Warehouse management

We support you with suitable services for all your warehouse management requirements.

Container stowage

We reduce costs with efficient container stowage by selecting the right containers and ideal stowage plans for your logistics.

Transport organisation

We get your products to their destination quickly and safely with custom-fit shipping and transport solutions.

Hazardous goods service

We also ensure safe shipping for hazardous goods with our specially developed hazardous goods packaging.

Construction site logistics

We offer scheduled services to optimise and organise your construction site.

Supply chain consulting

We provide you with holistic advice on all the challenges of your entire supply chain.

Contact us now

Do you still have questions about our software for your supply chain management or about the services of DEUFOL? Then we look forward to your enquiry and are pleased to be there for you by telephone, e-mail or contact form. Phone no.: +49 (6122) / 50-00 / e-mail:

Frequently asked questions about the supply chain management software from DEUFOL

Our professional software for your supply chain supports companies in managing and optimising their entire logistics processes. To do this, we offer an efficient management system that digitises and automates all processes along the supply chain. Our software covers all cross-company functions, such as warehouse, inventory and order management, as well as supplier and customer relationship management.

The goal of our SCM software is to increase the quality and productivity of your supply chain. With the help of our management systems, you can reduce costs across the board, cut waste, optimise production times and minimise delivery delays. In addition, you receive real-time insights into all processes in your supply chain, which allows you to immediately identify potential savings.

DEUFOL specialises in digital and innovative software solutions for industrial logistics. With our supply chain management software, you benefit not only from enormous cost and time savings, but also from numerous synergy effects throughout your entire value chain. With our specially developed systems, we support you in mapping and managing your complete business processes and relationships with suppliers and customers along the supply chain. For this purpose, we provide you with a software solution that is based on cross-industry intralogistics processes and whose functions can be individually adapted.

With our D-SCS software, we provide you with an innovative add-on solution that makes it easy to integrate available ERP systems. The previous uses of a system can be extended by useful add-on functions and create perfect transparency and control of your entire supply chain.

We can provide e-commerce customers with professional supply chain management software and support you with first-class service. This future-proof industry requires a high degree of flexibility compared to other industries. After all, the consumer sectors of fashion, textiles, beauty or technology in particular are subject to constantly fluctuating demand and ever-increasing customer requirements. For this purpose, we have developed supply chain management software that provides reliable reporting in real-time, with the aim of optimally planning product inventory and better-assessing product production.

Streamline describes the rationalisation (streamlining) of a company’s logistical management processes with the aim of optimally planning resources. Streamline shipping is usually carried out via an ERP system that manages, organises and optimises the entire supply chain planning. This includes the management of warehousing, inventory management, order processing, transport management and the management of supplier and customer relationships.

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