With DEUFOL, you have an experienced WMS provider at your side who supports your company in the efficient design and organisation of your entire warehouse processes. Thus, we have developed an innovative warehouse management system for our customers, which brings your logistics up to date.

In doing so, we always rely on state-of-the-art technology and intelligent software solutions that are equipped with all the relevant functions which are of particular importance for your warehouse management.

Benefit from our decades of experience in the field of logistics and convince yourself of our innovative software solutions for your complete warehouse processes.

DEUFOL Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Our warehouse management systems are equipped with needs-based functions that ensure the best possible control, monitoring and optimisation of your warehouse processes. When developing our warehouse systems, we always pay attention to the personal needs of your products as well as the specific requirements of your storage facilities.

With our WMS, you also benefit from services to optimise your logistics and warehouse processes, since the DEUFOL warehouse management systems make it possible to use resources optimally. For you, this means a targeted increase in efficiency and minimisation of costs in warehouse management.

Functional WMS for your storage management

DEUFOL has specialised in the different and complex requirements of warehouse processes. For this purpose, we provide our customers with a software solution based on targeted and cross-industry intralogistics processes. Thus, our software already supports relevant warehouse processes in the standard area, such as e-commerce, but also in industry-specific application areas.

We offer you a suitable WMS solution that enables a permanent optimisation of all processes in the warehouse and that can also be integrated into an already existing digital infrastructure. The functional equipment for digital inventory management from paperless picking to the integration of an ERP system guarantees you complete transparency and control of your entire supply chain. With our warehouse management system, we bring your storage facilities up to the latest state of the art.

Functions of the Warehouse Management System at a glance

With the Warehouse Management System from DEUFOL, stock levels and the entire movement of goods (incoming goods, outgoing goods) in the warehouse can be controlled and processed at the highest level. The control of the complete intralogistics can be displayed paperless and error-free with our WMS and also ensures a safe and transparent process of the complete flow of goods. Our WMS also provides you with concrete information about all processes in the warehouse, from goods acceptance, goods receipt and stock levels to order picking and the final dispatch of your goods.

Inventory Management

The intelligent WMS functions for inventory management are used to monitor incoming goods, outgoing goods and stock levels, as well as for the automated recording of stock movements. Digital data capture gives you a real-time overview of the current stock in the warehouse and greatly facilitates the creation of the inventory.

Warehouse Management

Our WMS is ideal for managing warehouses at multiple locations. Companies receive a central storage location and storage space management, which enables an efficient process of your in-house logistics and thus ensures a high level of transparency.

Order Management

We provide you with a WMS that supports you holistically in monitoring and organising the ordering process. This gives you a better overview of the temporal storage of items up to the actual order. In this way, you can react faster even in the case of extraordinarily long supply chains.

Dispatch Management

The use of our warehouse management system ensures the scheduled and efficient dispatch of your goods. The organisation, tracking and documentation of the entire shipping process is mapped transparently for the user.

Master Data Management

Our Warehouse Management Software can be integrated into an already existing digital infrastructure. Data from an enterprise resource planning or ERP system can be synchronised, ensuring access to your database at all times.


All relevant processes for the transport of goods can be specifically controlled and organised via the WMS. This includes all important information on picking as well as preparation and provision at goods issue.

Mobile Data Entry (MDE)

With mobile data collection, warehouse processes can be recorded directly. This can be done via so-called MDE devices, which enable the identification and tracking of items.

Digital progress with our Warehouse Management System (WMS)

With our warehouse management system, companies can map their entire internal flow of materials and goods. We offer our customers an intelligent logistics solution for the continuous mapping of all core processes from picking, order processing and goods dispatch. Digitalisation plays an essential role in the design of efficient and dynamic logistics processes and is the basis for a future-proof system. DEUFOL has specialised in innovative software solutions in the field of logistics and is convincing even with complex requirements with our specially developed Warehouse Management System.

With a WMS from DEUFOL, you also create the ideal prerequisite for minimising costs in a targeted manner – also by switching to paperless processes in order picking and warehouse management. In this way, you ensure maximum transparency and reliable control in consistently mapped processes.


Warehouse Management System: future-proof and flexible

A Warehouse Management System from DEUFOL links and combines the entire warehouse management process with the functions of a WMS. This results in a digital and always vigilant system that can be specifically adapted to the needs of your storage facility. Standardised business processes are already mapped in the basic system and can be additionally equipped with special processes.

The introduction of a warehouse management system ensures that all relevant information can be retrieved at any time in the ongoing process. This also includes the use of mobile terminals for recording goods movements (goods receipt and goods issue). This digital equipment is a big step towards the future and ensures that your company can guarantee its competitiveness in the market. With a WMS from DEUFOL, you can already take advantage of all the competitive benefits through this extensive data transparency and secure your business in the long term.

The advantages of our warehouse management systems at a glance

Mobile Scan Data Capture

Our Warehouse Management Systems are compatible with your mobile devices.

Information Retrieval in Real Time

Through the real-time transmission of all important information from your warehouse, you always maintain an overview.

Efficient Processing

Our Warehouse Management Systems are designed to reduce costs to a minimum and increase efficiency to the maximum.

Track & Trace Integration

With integrated tracking functionalities, you can track your goods in real time with our innovative software solutions.

More transparency with the IT solutions from DEUFOL

The digitalisation of warehouse processes creates significant added value and a high level of transparency in the entire supply chain. We create future-proof work and business processes for your company with the right IT solutions. Compared to manual processes, the introduction of our warehouse management system enables enormous cost reductions and time savings, so that available resources can be optimally planned.

Your specialist for Warehouse Management Systems

Have we convinced you? Then now you too can benefit from our extensive know-how in the field of Warehouse Management Systems and use our first-class IT solutions, which are precisely tailored to your requirements. We look forward to your enquiry and the opportunity to master your individual challenges together!

Personal consultation

The personal needs of our customers also require individual advice. We provide you with experienced experts who will answer your questions about our Warehouse Management System and also support you during the implementation. You are also welcome to visit our website to find out more about our other intelligent software solutions and services in the field of logistics – DEUFOL is the right contact for you!

What other services we can offer you

In addition to our intelligent IT solutions, we offer you first-class full-service and matching supply chain support for your entire logistics chain. In addition to holistic logistics services, we also support you with a wide range of high-performance packaging and packaging materials tailored to your needs. In doing so, we always pay attention to precisely fitting quality so that your products are transported safely and arrive at the right destination in perfect condition.


Our high-performance packaging adapts precisely to the needs of your products, so that your goods remain optimally protected throughout the entire transport route. We also provide custom-fit wooden crates, which are also ideal for storing your goods. You are welcome to visit our homepage to find out more about our packaging solutions tailored to your needs.

Packaging Material

The protection and safety of your products is our focus. Thus, we also offer you suitable packaging materials that optimally protect your products from external influences during long-term storage and on the entire transport route. In addition, we support you in choosing the right material for your products and ensure optimal protection within the packaging.

Transport Management

Furthermore, we are at your disposal with first-class advice on all aspects of transport management. Benefit from our decades of experience in international logistics. We offer you suitable solutions in the area of transport management and provide you with holistic support in choosing the right transport route.

D-SCS Software

Our DEUFOL Supply Chain Solution software brings your corporate logistics to the cutting edge of digitalisation. With our innovative all-in-one solution, we ensure maximum transparency throughout your entire supply chain. Our experts will be glad to advise you on the versatile possibilities of our D-SCS software and answer your questions on the topic of intelligent software solutions in the field of logistics.

Frequently asked questions about the Warehouse Management Systems from DEUFOL

The classic task of a warehouse management system is the digital administration of a company’s entire warehouse processes. This includes goods receipt, the efficient storage of goods, goods issue, and order picking through to scheduled dispatch. The use of an innovative Warehouse Management System provides a holistic overview of the actual warehouse stock in real-time and enables systematic warehouse management. With the use of our WMS, you benefit from attractive advantages for the best possible design and optimisation of your processes in the warehouse.

The complexity and specific requirements are different for every company. With our WMS, DEUFOL has developed a solution that meets the needs of almost every industry. Based on cross-industry intralogistics processes, we provide our customers with software that already ensures optimal control of the warehouse in the standard area. But even if you are looking for a very complex and special solution in the field of digital warehouse management, DEUFOL is your right contact.

With our intelligent warehouse systems, we offer industrial companies an innovative solution for the automatic storage and picking of their goods. Our WMS (abbreviation for warehouse management system) are equipped with all relevant functions that also meet special tasks in warehousing. Let our experts advise you and simply convince yourself of our future-proof WMS.

With our WMS, we offer you a needs-based solution that is tailored to the requirements of your warehouse processes. This offers you the advantage that the functionalities of the system can be combined with your existing warehouse processes. As a result, optimal control of the respective material flows is possible, with which any processes can be optimised and efficiently handled. Digital data acquisition enables you to have an overview of the warehouse stock in real-time. Convince yourself of our warehouse management system and bring your warehouse system up to the latest state of the art.

A warehouse management system from DEUFOL supports companies in the efficient implementation of their intralogistics. Relevant control and information processes in warehouse management can be recorded more quickly and workflows accelerated. The user-friendly interface guides the user specifically through the planned work processes and thus increases the productivity of the resources used. The Warehouse Management System from DEUFOL combines and links your complete warehouse processes with the functions of the WMS so that a smooth workflow can be guaranteed.

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