Supply Chain Specialist

Local, international, global? As an experienced partner, DEUFOL is ready to help you with target-oriented solutions for any supply chain challenge. INNOVATION, QUALITY and CUSTOMER ORIENTATION are not marketing phrases for us, they are part of our DEUFOL DNA!
Motivated employees
Global, connected locations
Years of experience

Customized Solutions for your Industry

IT Solutions
Take advantage of our innovative IT solutions for your industrial success.
Energy & Environmental Technology
DEUFOL consults with companies in the energy & environmental technology sector to deliver visible cost efficiencies.
Logistics & Transport
As a specialist in all areas of supply chain, DEUFOL has decades’ worth of experience in the logistics and transport industry.
We make potential savings in the shipping industry visible and provide suitable recommendations.
Mineral Oil & Refining
Our DEUFOL experts provide solution-oriented services for the mineral oil & refining industry.
Rail Vehicle Construction
We are also the right partner for companies in the rail vehicle construction industry.
Mechanical Engineering
We offer specialist solutions to meet the needs of our customers in the mechanical engineering industry.
Medical Technology
For customers in the medical technology sector, we offer unique services to support the entire supply chain.
Fine Mechanics & Optics
DEUFOL makes the right decisions for its customers in the fine mechanics & optics industry.

Services along your Supply Chain

We Support you from over 90 Locations

With 90 locations in 12 countries on 3 continents, we are a global player in supply chain solutions and industrial packaging. Our international network ensures a competent combination of efficiency-enhancing products and services.