Innovative IT solutions

DEUFOL is your specialist for industrial transport and supports your logistics processes all over the world. In addition to high-performance packaging and professional transport organisation, we offer you innovative IT solutions for freight and transport monitoring.

Freight monitoring for your company

The transport of industrial goods is subject to numerous influencing factors due to long transport routes and demanding conditions. To ensure that your goods arrive safely at the desired destination, DEUFOL offers you an optimal solution for monitoring your freight with our future-oriented tracking module.

With our CPC tracker, you will always have an overview and benefit from optimum transparency with regard to the transport of your packages. You will be informed about all important data, such as location, temperature, humidity fluctuations and air pressure, as well as all other important key figures relating to your package.

The use of our CPC tracker offers our customers much more than just pure shipment tracking. You too can benefit from our clever IT solution and let our experts advise you on all aspects of freight monitoring.

Eine Arbeiterin mit Helm und Warnweste steht vor Frachtcontainern und überprüft mit dem CPC-Tracker auf ihrem Laptop den Transport der Industriegüter.

Load monitoring during transport

Monitoring the load throughout the entire transport is now standard practice in logistics and freight forwarding. DEUFOL supports you with professional and optimised implementation. With the help of our innovative solutions, you always get an optimal overview. We support you in carrying out the monitoring efficiently and ensuring the safety and punctuality of your transport.

International freight forwarding

Especially in the international truck transport of a freight forwarder, cargo in the vehicles should be efficiently monitored in order to avoid unexpected costs. With our transport monitoring, you also improve communication with your client and can thus optimally manage the challenges in your logistics.

The fast localisation of the freight vehicles enables continuous control over your package and delays in case of unexpected events on the road.

Luftansicht eines Containerfrachtfrachtschiffs am Industriehafen

Real-time monitoring

Our freight tracker was developed for all common transports and the most diverse industrial sectors. No matter whether your company is active in the field of mechanical and plant engineering, in medical technology or in the logistics segment: the tracking system enables professional monitoring, coordination and management of your freight.

Our CPC Tracker is a tracking module that informs you in real time as soon as a critical value is exceeded. This gives you the opportunity to take the right steps at an early stage to avoid major damage and unforeseen costs.

The sensors of the CPC Tracker measure all influences during the entire transport route and make the data available to you via our web application. This way you always maintain full control over your packages.

Security against theft and manipulation

The module is also equipped with a security sensor which protects against theft and manipulation. You are warned by an immediate alarm signal if the module is removed without authorisation or if the load on a container is opened without authorisation.

Ein orangener Frachtcontainer, der vor anderen gestapelten Containern gelagert ist, wird durch einen speziellen Kran angehoben.

The functions of our CPC tracker at a glance

Our CPC Tracker is a module with various sensors. We provide our customers with a system that allows you to monitor your transports with all vehicles and along the entire transport route.

Temperature measurement

We will inform you immediately if your package reaches a critical temperature value.

Light intensity measurement

We will notify you if your transport box is opened by unauthorised persons.

Real-time location monitoring

We provide you with accurate position data throughout so that you can always keep an eye on your package.

Shock detection

We will send you an immediate notification if your packaged goods are exposed to shocks.

Air pressure measurement

You are immediately alerted to air pressure differences in your packaging.

Services from DEUFOL

DEUFOL has specialised in international transport and meets every logistical challenge of its customers. Please visit our website to find out more about our entire range of services.

IT solutions

As the provider of our CPC tracker, we also offer you the right IT software for your company. With our innovative D-SCS software, we offer you the ideal management solution to ensure that you always have an overview of the logistics of your entire transport. Our software can be easily linked to the CPC Tracker.


The safety of your products is our focus. DEUFOL offers its customers a wide range of high-performance packaging that will get your goods and products safely to their destination.

Packaging material

To ensure that your goods remain optimally protected throughout the entire transport route, we are also pleased to package your goods with high-quality packaging material. In doing so, we always focus on the individual needs of your products.

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Frequently asked questions about this IT solution:

Our CPC tracker is suitable for all industrial goods that are exposed to various influences during transport. It does not matter if your goods weigh 40 tonnes or if it is just the transport of a machine.

You can easily connect our CPC tracker to the DEUFOL mobile app, where you can view all important status updates at any time. Meanwhile, our system is available as a web app, Android app and iOS app.

In the first step, we create a needs analysis together with you and clarify all framework conditions. Then, in the second step, you will receive a customised offer, which you are welcome to discuss with your personal DEUFOL expert. It is particularly important to us that you always receive the right answer to your open questions. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us with your request. We are available for you and will provide you with personal advice!

Our IT services range from future-oriented warehouse management systems to innovative freight monitoring tools to customised complete solutions. You can find a detailed overall view of all the IT solutions we offer at any time in the website menu.

If you have not yet found the right answer to your question, we will be pleased to help you personally at: +49 (6122) / 50-00 or digitally via our contact form.