DEUFOL continues to focus on its core business of supply chain solutions for industrial customers

DEUFOL acquires the Wallmann Terminal in the Port of Hamburg and secures over 300 jobs in the process

DEUFOL, global service provider in industrial packaging and supply chain solutions, is pleased to announce the latest expansion of its global network of locations. We are convinced that the Port of Hamburg, including the Wallmann Terminal, is the most suitable consolidation platform and the best performing location for industrial goods packaging in Germany.

Like all its production sites, DEUFOL will also fully digitalize its Hamburg operations and, in equal measure, make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions in the Port of Hamburg in the future, as the Wallmann terminal will have a rail connection in addition to the water connection, and transport handling will focus on the most environmentally friendly modes of transport with rail, sea and inland waterway vessels.

DEUFOL will consolidate terminal services and value creation at one location. In the future, our customers will be able to have heavy lift packaging, assembly, consolidation, packaging and shipping done at one central location – without having to organize additional transport within the port. This reduces the time required for shipping and relieves the roads within the port by around 10,000 truck deliveries per year.

In particular, the handling of heavy goods is further simplified at our newest location. With four mobile cranes (handling capacity of up to 400 tons per handling unit), we are ideally equipped to prepare heavy goods of any kind to be transported for our customers.

As a result, DEUFOL will significantly increase its overall depth of service, as our global network of 90 locations in 12 countries now also includes the connection to shipping. This will enable DEUFOL to manage projects even more efficiently and provide customers with complete digital transparency in project logistics. The IT solutions from DEUFOL can digitally map the customer’s entire project in advance to strategically optimize it and thus ensure maximum utilization of transport resources.

About the DEUFOL Group:

The DEUFOL Group is a global player in supply chain solutions, industrial packaging, and adjacent services. The range of business services includes export & industrial packaging, logistics services as well as innovative IT solutions along the supply chain. Headquartered in Hofheim (Wallau) near Frankfurt am Main, DEUFOL is operating at more than 90 locations in 12 countries and employs around 2,400 people.


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