Export packaging for military goods in warehouse

When contracting with the Government, you can manufacture your product perfectly; but if the labels are on the wrong place and/or the packaging techniques and materials used are not to specification, your product can sit up to 6, or even 18 months awaiting Government disposition – without your company being paid.

Whether you have a military contract or are competing for military business, you likely know that the process can present a unique set of challenges. The military has specific requirements with regard to packaging, workflow, logistics, and more.

At Deufol we are fluent in interpreting And servicing government contracts.

Military Packaging
Export packaging for military goods in warehouse

We can also manage your entire military-related workflow so you can focus your internal resources on other projects. As well as:

Whether you’re already a military vendor or pursuing a contract, we can help you optimize your process and build a strong relationship with military buyers. Our team welcomes the opportunity to consult with you on your military supply opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions about this service:

Yes. Deufol does military packaging. Work with an experienced partner who can help you stay in compliance by understanding the guidelines and developing a strategy and process.

Yes, Deufol does offer military grade warning labels. Many vendors find it more efficient to work with a packaging partner who understands the guidelines inside and out such as size and placement.

The shipping data is input into WAWF (Wide Area Work Flow). This is an interface that allows the government to facilitate the tracking and process of military shipments. DEUFOL would enter the pertinent data supplied from the contract and by the customer subsequently. The contracting body receives notice that an item is ready to ship. If an inspection is required at the place of packaging, the inspector will be notified and schedule the inspection. Partnering with Deufol may be helpful, who has military packaging experience and who can help you maximize the opportunity.

Yes. Deufol can use their knowledge and insight to help you avoid issues before they arise. They can help you implement processes to maximize your military supply opportunity and they can even assist you in navigating the DoD’s invoicing framework. Consider working with a military packaging partner to get your invoices processed and paid in a timely manner.

For more questions and answers, visit our FAQ page here or If your question is specific to your project, don’t hesitate to contact us at 888 658 4098.