Warehouse Management for your Logistics Challenges

Complex storage requirements? DEUFOL supports you with the right services to reduce the burden on your space.
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Warehouse Management the easy way

You don’t have enough storage space to stock all your necessary components or products? We have the solution! DEUFOL provides you with storage space that takes the burden off your production areas. This way, we ensure that you can meet your requirements at any time.

Mobile scan data recording

We provide maximum visibility with our mobile scan data recording your incoming goods, warehouse movements and outgoing goods.

Warehousing and storage strategies

For racked and floor loaded material, heavy crane and lift truck capacity. We support you with individual warehousing strategies.

Streamlined and transparent processes

Our processes are optimized to ensure that we always guarantee our customers the highest level of efficiency and flexibility.

Maximum performance in your warehouse

Our warehouse management guarantees you excellent control and flexibility. It does not matter whether you manage just one warehouse or several warehouses – we use innovative services and intelligent IT Solutions that take your warehouse management to the next level.

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Your Advantages when using DEUFOL Warehouse Management

Increased Efficiency

Our warehouse management ensures that costs are reduced to the minimum and efficiency is increased to the maximum.

One Fixed Contact Person

With DEUFOL, you have a single point of contact who will understand your business and support you with expert advice.

Fast & Flexible

We offer you maximum flexibility and are available for you at short notice.

We have the right answers to all your questions

DEUFOL will support you with the right expert advice for all your questions on warehouse management. We offer you personalized services for your warehouse, allowing you to benefit from numerous synergy effects, potential savings and many other advantages.

Your expert in Warehouse Management Systems

In addition to management for your warehouses, DEUFOL can also provide you with the right software for your logistics challenges. For this purpose, we use state-of-the-art technology and intelligent IT Solutions that take your supply chain to the next level giving you complete transparency as well as full control.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Warehouse Management Service:

You are always welcome to use our services for your warehousing. It doesn’t matter whether you have just one small warehouse or several large warehouses. Our services are customized to your specific requirements and offer you the highest level of transparency.

Our services for your warehouse focus on maximum flexibility. Therefore, our experts are glad to provide their support even at short notice and can react quickly to your individual requirements.

We couple our warehousing capabilities with our robust technological platforms to provide you with a comprehensive supply chain solution. Our software, which integrates with ERP platforms, provides tracking and tracing for all parts at all times, so you have complete visibility into your supply chain. Even better, we can seamlessly sync our software with yours, so you can access information with just a few clicks.

  • Mobile scanning data entry for goods receipts, stock movement & issues.
  • Picking & put-away strategies for rack, floor, climate control, refrigeration & carousel.
  • Stock management at the batch and SLED control levels.
  • Small scale carousel parts storage – Two units, ability to store thousands of excess items between our Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh facilities.

For more questions and answers, visit our FAQ page here or If your question is specific to your project, don’t hesitate to contact us at 888 658 4098 or by filling out the form below and one of our business developers will get in touch soon.

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