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Operation Manager


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Head of Deufol Asia-Pacific


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Marc Hübner

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Strategic Key Account Management & Business Development


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Regional Service Manager
Business Development


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Director of Business Development


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Regional Commercial Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions about our locations:

90 locations in 13 countries
Germany 47 – Austria 9 – Czech Repuplic 8 – Belgium 7 – USA 5 – China 3 – Italy 3 – Slovakia 2 – France 2 – Netherlands 1 – Singapore 1 – Hungary 1 – Poland 1

All locations offer complex and challenging custom designed Industrial packaging to small and large-scale products for industrial companies.

We often use reusable and preservable components, climate and element protection tools, and other safeguards to protect quality and profitability.

We offer in house 30 and 50 ton cranes to receive, pack and/or distribute your industrial machinery from our facilities with 40 plus years of partnership with regional rigging and heavy-haul transportation companies to provide 3PL solutions for import/export of machinery at YOUR facility.

For more than 75 years, Deufol has helped businesses of all sizes and in all industries implement the perfect packaging and supply chain solutions for their products. With around 2400 employees in 90 global locations, we leverage our experience and unique capabilities to help you tackle any supply chain challenge.

Not all supply chains are created equal though. Your needs and objectives are unique to your specific products, customers, and logistical obstacles. Before we can develop and implement the right solutions for your goals, we have to gain an understanding of your business. Contact us.

We offer in house cranes, ASTM standard crating on-site or in house custom engineered industrial boxes, plant relocation, military packaging, and container loading,

For more questions and answers, visit our FAQ page here.

Experience the Deufol Difference

Contact us and in a brief consultation you will find that Deufol provides solutions by creating individualized packaging services, and design surrounded by world class process and control and then putting it in a location that is where you need it in a timeframe that you need it.