Efficient Photo Documentation Application

The storage of documents along a supply chain is essential. Many companies rely on complicated, slow and unsecure systems and have no standardized data storage process, which often leads to never-ending document searches. With DEUFOL Photo Documentation, we provide a solution to this problem by offering you a professional and smart cloud based solution.

Always one step ahead with our IT Solutions

We know your requirements for photo documentation are unique and that is why, the storage structure of the documented process is easily customizable, ensuring you don’t have to worry about security gaps. Protecting your data is a top priority for DEUFOL and there is no initial investment needed or hardware required for the setup.

Supply-Chain-Experte analysiert mit seinem I-Pad Daten aus Fotodokumentation aus

Your benefits at a glance

Visual Batch Part Detection

We visually capture all batch parts and relevant packages before export.

Documentation Storage

Store of all important documents such as freight letters, shipping documents, transport plans, packing lists and much more.

Find Information Immediately

You can easily access all of your information by downloading it as a ZIP, PDF or email.

Access Anywhere

Use the password-protected access on all your devices, regardless of your location.

Direct Notifications

Receive real time notifications from external systems with data keys, including extracted information and photos.

Supply-Chain-Experten tauschen sich über Daten aus Fotodokumentation aus

Get Started - Download the mobile App

With the DEUFOL photo documentation app, you have full visibility of the processes, material flows and transactions easily and conveniently on your mobile device. Whether you are using the web application, Android or iOS app – our team of experts will work with you to develop a customized solution from corporate identity to system integration.

An all-in-one tool for a wide range of industries

Mechanical Engineering Industry
Store your most important documents throughout the entire machine building process.
Logistics Industry
Guide your team by documenting your entire process.
Insurance Industry
Enable fast, easy and secure insurance claims evaluation with complete documentation across your supply chain.
Healthcare Industry
Document wound, care, and healing processes (e.g. x-rays).
Office Companies
Easily capture content from whiteboards, handwritten meeting notes, or printed documents.

Our consultants have all the answers to your questions

For over 40 years, DEUFOL has been helping its customers by solving all challenges related to supply chain. Take advantage of our market experience and benefit from our innovative IT solutions. We would be happy to answer all your questions in a personal consultation by giving you the best advice once you describe your individual requirements in detail.

For even more control in your supply chain - Connected Pack Control Tracker

You need more than just photo documentation? That’s no problem for our innovative CPC Tracker! We offer you a world-class freight monitoring tool, that always guarantees a full overview of temperature, humidity fluctuations, shock detection, air pressure as well as many other performance indicators for your freight so you are always one step ahead and can easily manage any challenge that may arise.

DEUFOL Supply Chain Solution - our all-in-one tool

For complete transparency in your supply chain, DEUFOL offers a premium end-to-end solution. With our D-SCS software, we take your supply chain to the next level. Whether you are looking for more detail on supplier management, production, packaging, shipping or on-site management: all aspects are visible at any time with our IT solution.

Frequently Asked Questions about this IT Solution:

With our photo documentation app, you can easily add comments under any important document. This way, you always remain in direct contact with your business partners and can quickly follow up if anything is unclear.

-Complete, clear visual record of all parts and packages — starting before export.
-Live ticker for real-time documentation.
-Includes relevant documents like transport documents, transport drawings, and packing lists.
-Comment, tag or like pictures or documents.
-Notifications from external systems with data keys, extracted information and/or photos.

-Easy retrieval via download, PDF or email.
-Share documents with colleagues.
-Access able from any device (phone, tablet, PC) anywhere.

Insurance – Complete documentation means faster evaluation of insurance claims.
Logistics – Manage your team with documentation at every point in your processes.
Health – Photo Documentation can help monitor an employees’ health status or work injury.
Office Management – Capture whiteboards, meeting notes and other written or printed documents.
Automotive Industry – Document delivery timelines and historical moments in production.

For more questions and answers, visit our FAQ page here or If your question is specific to your project, don’t hesitate to contact us at 888 658 4098 or by filling out the form below and one of our business developers will get in touch soon.

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